cn Maestro creat profile

Hello every one

How can i creat profile for my 2 devices E400,E500 to have same ssid and password

and client can connected and when the are around just connected to my devices with out  disconnecting

like CAPsMAN in mikrotik something like that :D



As per my understanding : You would like to create a Profile on cnMaestro and wants to push that profile on two different devices(E400 /E500 ) so that they should have same SSID,password and also have fast roaming option.
If so,please follow the below mentioned steps:

Configure >>Profile >>Add new profile>>Select Type>>cnPilot E400/E500 & ePMP 1000 Hotspot:

Configure Basic information >> Click on Next (available on the bottom of the page)

Add WLAN and configure all the parameters and filed available as per your requirement and Fast-Roaming Protocol should be selected to enable fast roaming option so that devices can move quickly its connection from one access point to another.

After creating the profile as per your requirement:

Apply this profile to your onboarded device under Configuration >>Devices >> Device type >>E400 or E500 >> Apply Profile (Select the created profile)>> Start job>>Apply configuration.

thanks i did that befor but when i start the job   the faild .

maybe i configure something wrong

I also just tried to apply a configuration and it fails.

@Doug Heberlee wrote:

I also just tried to apply a configuration and it fails.

We've had configs failing on our 200/201 units for a couple of weeks now. New being onboarded or exsisting, doesn't matter.


What is the error message you are getting when the configuration fails.  You can view the message by going to the configuraition jobs page and clicking  the "Show More" link in a job listing.  Each failed device should have an error message in the right-most column "Configuraiton Status".  You can hover over the error to see the full message if it is partially cut off.

The Monitor -> Notifications -> Events page may also have more information as to why the update failed.

You can also view the debug logs on the device itself.  For R-series devices this is under Status -> Syslog.  Try viewing it as the configuraiton is pushed or immediately after.

I can't speak for the others, but I am getting "Configuration updated sucessfully", yet after reboot it hasn't changed. This is all cnPilots, not just one or two. This used to work fine.

As far as logs from the device I can't get them through cnMaestro or online ATM. I'd love to know what I need to do to make that work.

In the dashboard view navigate to one of your 200/201 devices and navigate to Monitor -> Tool or click the wrench/screwdriver icon above the left-hand tree search bar.  This option is only available when a device is selected in the navigation tree.

Immediately after pushing a configuration to a device go to this page and click the Download Tech Support File button (hand holding a wrench) and send it to jordan.stipati [.at.]   Please let me know the device firmeware version it is running.

From the Tools page you can also click the Debug tab to reach a tool which should let you stream device logs.


Jordan helped me track down my particular issue.

There seems to be an issue with what IP parameter is being set for static IPs.

Temp fix - Goto the Use-defined Overrides section of the AP Group

mwan_ipaddr=put desired address here

This will push the same IP address to all devices mapped to the AP group.  If you want a unique value for each device use the following.

No default value:


A fix is being worked on so you won't have to do this in the future.

Thanks again, Jordan. Really appreciated!

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