CN REACH N500 - 900mhz - Protocolo serial y ethernet

Hola tenemos una red funcionando en protocolo ethernet y funciona bien. Cuando agregamos equipos en modo serial todo empezo a hacerse mas lento. Suponemos que ese es el problema. No sabemos cual es el protocolo necesario para que funcionen los dos servicios ademas del mantenimiento.

Hi, we have a network running on ethernet protocol and it works fine. When we added equipment in serial mode, everything started to slow down. We assume that this is the problem. We do not know what is the protocol necessary for the two services to work in addition to maintenance.


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Serial traffic itself should not cause the network to slow down. I suspect that the network capacity is not enugh to handle to traffic. Need a lot more details to understand the problem.

I suggest that you submit a support ticket and we take it from there.



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