Cn wave node offline

Hi all

i facing Problem with Cn wave Proudect and

this is the closest thread to my problem.

Simple lab setup:

  1. v5k configured as PoP DN with on-board E2E
  2. v3000 configured as CN
  3. v5k status is online initiator
  4. A link is established between the v5k and v3000

Layer 2 bridging is on

My issue is that I cannot get the v3000 to show up as ‘online’, always in ‘offline’ state. .

Please take in your account i read this topic about same Problem and i didnt know How i correct the IPV6

Thank you in advance


Are you indoors? As you said, this was a Lab Install.


no its outdoor installtion

da_logs_883df4_1662205014711.txt (15.8 KB)

I was just thinking about this, your post says you’ve established a link, but it’s showing offline status;

This sounds like a IPv6 routing issue between the E2E and the remote node

Hi Mk_mohamed,

I need field diagnostic of V5000 and V3000 to share more comments.

please refer below link that would assist you