cnArcher 2017/08/29 Feedback

Test Environment: PMP450/PMP450M platforms on 15.1.1

cnArcher Release 08/29/2017
cnMaestro On-Premise (does not appear enabled in current cnArcher release)
Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1
Powerlink 15W 

Item ID Current App Page Notes
1 Alignment Tool RSSI is fine, but would also like to see realtime A/B SNR Values listed (and optionally SSR)
2 IP Configuration "Set Location from phone GPS" is greyed out and permanently set to the ON state; is correctly writing GPS values to the SM, but do not seem to be able to toggle this feature off.
3 IP Configuration "SM Name" field is obviously per-unit; however coud the Set Location/NAT/IP Settings/Management VLAN/User Data VLAN options be stored on the phone as a local profile for networks that run a standardized configuration? For example, while we have multiple management VLANs across our networks, all SMs are configured with the same MGMT VLAN as we do VLAN remarking upstream to reassign the SMs to the correct management VLAN. 
4 -  Do not see option to assign Region and County Code to SM, this should be included.
5 -  Would like option of setting secondary/tertiary color codes during install
6 -  A quick button that allows the installer to restore the SM to factory defaults as soon as SM boot is complete, before the SM syncs to the AP.

Otherwise, app appears to be functional and did not experience any issues with app stability. Looking forward to testing cnMaestro On-Premise integration once it is enabled.

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Andrew,  thanks for the initial feedback.  Looking forward to see what some other users think.


We updated the version that is posted on the Play Store today morning with some of your feedback incorporated.

1. SSR is now shown on the alignment page. There is more work needed on the SM side before we can show accurate SNR values when there is no traffic going through (which will be the case during install). So this will come in future.

2. Regarding GPS location, this may not have gone the way you wanted, but we have removed the grayed out button altogether. The app always sets the SMs coordinates based on the phone GPS.

3. The app now remembers VLAN, NAT and IP settings (other than the static IP) across installs.

4. The SM inherits the region and country from the AP it connects to. Why do you want the installer to set this explicitly?

5. Secondary and tertiary color code is on our list on things to add.

6. If you touch the "SM status" area at the top of the screen after the app has detected the SM, you will see a screen with more details about the SM. Scroll down on that page and you will see buttons to reboot and factory reset the SM. This way of factory defaulting the SM will only work if the SM is accessible at and you have not already changed the access credentials.

cnMaestro on premise is also supported.

i can tell you the reason i'd want

4. The SM inherits the region and country from the AP it connects to. Why do you want the installer to set this explicitly?

Because of the super annoying popup on the SM's when you click configure from the ap side later on when you login to the SM :) 

If the SM doesn't require it then you should disable the region selection entirely in the UI or atleast the error popup when a radio is in SM mode.


We will remove the super annoying popup in 15.2.