CnArcher - Cannot set scan list


whenever i set the scan list on the app, the radio uncheck all the frequency and this result in  0 AP scanned in AP evaluation. Pitcture attached

Radio model: PMP450

Software version: 15.0.3

Probably the error is due to the fact that we didn't upgrade our radio at 15.1.1 and so SNMP mibs are different.


The app will not work with versions older than 15.1.1 because 15.1.1 includes SNMP changes to enable  the app. Before cnArcher leaves beta, we will add functionality to detect if the SM is running older software and offer to upgrade it to 15.1.1. For now, please upgrade the SM to 15.1.1 before trying to use it with cnArcher.


Yesterday i have upgraded the radio and ran some tests. App is working fine, i just had some problem to stay connected at PoE WiFi because Android detect no internet and so it was switching to mobile network, after disable mobile network the app start to working fine.

It will be interesting to know on which features are you working, this app could be very versatile and usefull for our company


For the app  to effectively control the Wi-Fi connection, it is important that the app's Wi-Fi settings screen be used to connect to the SSID the very first time. This tells Android that the app is allowd to manage that connection. 

Please go to Android's Wi-Fi settings screen and "forget" the SSID you use for install. Then start the app, go to "Settings > Wi-Fi"  and connect again to the same SSID. Let me know if this solves the problem.

We are looking at a number of enhancements that will make the install simpler and reduce errors. 

- Get location of nearby APs from cnMaesto and show on map. 

- Get SM specific parameters from cnMaestro (or from 3rd party CRM system) and automatically fill that in.

- Installation report (link test results, RSSI, photos etc) uploaded to cnMaestro 

- Allow administrator to define the install success criteria, and the app can enforce it 

- Upgrade SM software

Also be sure to tell us what you feel is missing from the app that would help your installers.

We will add support for ePMP by end of the year. An iOS version is also planned for early next year. We will also extend the app to assist with the installation of other Cambium devices like PMP and ePMP access points, cnPilot E and R series access points, PTP radios etc.