cnArcher installer app supports ePMP

cnArcher version 1.2 open beta is available in the Android Play Store.  Version 1.2 adds support for ePMP SM installations.  Please give it a try and provide your feedback.  Here are some helpful links.

You can now use cnArcher to install ePMP SMs.  Download and store ePMP device firmware into cnArcher and update your SMs from your mobile device.  Scan for APs, apply security credentials, align the SM, perform a link test and generate an installation summary including photographs.  If you are using cnMaestro, then automatically onboard into cnMaestro and apply your provisioning template. 

cnArcher iOS support for ePMP is targetted Q2 2019.

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None of our Android devices show "become a beta tester", like in the video. How else can we install it?

@CWB, can you let us know what Android OS versions you have seen that behavior on?  

  1. Open your device's Settings.
  2. Tap About Phone or About Device.
  3. Tap Android Version to display your version information.

You may need to click on a SOFTWARE tab.

3 devices with 8.0.0

2 devices with 7.0

@CWB, I now see what  you are describing.  It's possible that you may need to have the regular version of the app installed before you are able to join the beta.

Can you try this?

From the Google Play cnArcher page

  1. Click on the INSTALL button.  
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the cnArcher page and click JOIN the beta.
  3. Wait until the message, at the top of the Google Play screen, indicates that you are now a beta tester.
  4. Click on the UPDATE button (to update to the beta version)

At that point, you are considered a beta users.  You will automatically receive future beta updates (unless you explcitly opt-out of beta). 

Note:  In cnArcher, click on the main menu icon (top-left corner) to see the version number.  cnArcher version 1.2.x adds ePMP support.  The non-beta version currently is 1.1.16.

That worked. Thanks.

Any update on the iOS for ePMP?

@silverstr8p cnArcher iOS is targetted to support ePMP sometime in Q2 next year.  

Check out the cnArcher product page to get an overview not only of devices supported but also of the features available in cnArcher Android and iOS.  In general, new features will come out first on cnArcher Android and get added to iOS afterwards.

What happened to Q2 2019 for iOS? Did the intern leave before they finished the update? Seems like cnArcher is using a playbook from Ubiquiti where it starts off with a lot of promise and then it falls through the cracks and is never updated again...