CNArcher loses the SM when it's registered

Hi, i have in our antenna enabled in the configuration "Default alternative LAN1 IP address", so i can enter in the SM when it's registered.

The problem is that the App CNArcher see the SM until remains disconnected from the repeater.
When the SM it's connected, CNArcher doesn't see the SM but, if i open Chrome in the Smartphone, i can enter in the GUI.

I use GEVA Elettronica bridge.

If i connect a PC directly to SM, i can enter in the GUI, with default alternative LAN1 IP address enabled, ever.
CNArcher loses the SM when it's connected.

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This is a known issue that is being looked at. The problem is that even though GUI access to works, SNMP to the same IP will not work. And the app uses SNMP. You will see this issue when VLAN configuration is enabled and the SM is connected to the AP.  


Is there the fix in the next version? When?

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We are targetting PMP 15.2 in February.


How do I install this app on my smartphone?
What is the link title to suppress this application?


Please see for instructions on installing and using the app.

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Hi Rajesh_V,
it is still expected that my problem will be resolved in the next PMP version 15.2?

Without this feature fixed required (think used by many) is stopped our CNArcher project.

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Yes the fix is still expected in PMP 15.2 release. Look for the open beta in couple of weeks.

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Still planned in a few weeks ? that was 3 weeks ago :)

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We are very close to starting 15.2 beta. Most likely within a week.

We are running into the same issue after entering our VLAN and SM name, once the SM reboots we can no longer connect and finish the provisioning with our cnMaestro templates.

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Hi, i have the same problem after 1 year.

CNArcher 1.2.8

When the SM it's in Scanning and Syncing ok
When it has the definitive configuration and is connected to the AP (ie it has the profile and I have set the color code and so it isn't in the ICC)  works.

When it is ICC (therefore when the antennists are in installation) doesn't works.

Here the video: