CnArcher "no SM found" after hardening SM

Using the recommendation of Assists, I have started to security harden SMs. With this is a recommendation to “Disable SNMP”. Since we don’t use SNMP for northbound reporting, this is acceptable. However, when having to revisit a site to perform a retune, the cnArcher dongles are reporting “No SM found”. I think this is due to disabling the SNMP. I can still log into the SM with a laptop to and get to the sub. Any thoughts, suggestions, or work-arounds found?

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Have the same issue once we send our configuration file to SM’s. Can get to it via Ethernet, but CnArcher won’t recognize the SM’s. If I default the SM, recognizes right away.

Little more info… Went into CnArcher and changed the public community string to match what I changed in the subscriber units. My installer said that it will now connect but seems to take an extra try or two. I haven’t had time to test different Archer/Subscriber configs, but at least it’s a start.