cnArcher on ChromeOS

Any plans for this? Says unsupported on a Samsung x86 Chromebook that has Android app support.

Reason is, we're moving our field guys from Windows netbooks to Chromebooks. One of the critical things we need is the ability to update PMP450 SM firmware in the field. No Windows = no CNUT. Now that cnArcher can directly update SMs, seems this would be the best option.


We have not looked at Chromebooks yet, but we can.

Looking at our Play store listing for Samsung Chromebooks, Google has already flagged "Chromebook Plus (V2)" as supported, and "Chromebook 3", "Chromebook Pro" and "Chromebook Plus" as unsupported.

Can you let me know the exact model you are using?


They are indeed the Samsung Chromebook Plus (non-v2), so I guess that's why. We would greatly appreciate having cnArcher supported on these.

Rajesh, any update on this?

@George Skorup, is it safe to assume that the primary use case if for Chrome tablets or Chrome laptops that are being used in tablet mode?  In other words, can we assume that support for the touchpad is not critical?


I personally have a cheap Asus Chromebook with a trackpad and non-touch screen which is not compatible with cnArcher. I do believe all of our field guys are using touch screen Chromebooks though. If the touchpad could be supported at a later time, that would be great. Another scenario is Chromeboxes in the warehouse. Would be nice to have cnArcher for that as well. Again, would have no problem waiting on that. We just need a solution for the field techs currently.



@George Skorup the team has been focused on getting the cnArcher Android 1.3 beta release out soon.  We will start to investigate the options for adding any form of Chrome OS support immediately after that.