cnArcher Release Notes (version 2017-10-04)


If the cnArcher app crashes, you should see a pop-up providing the option to send feedback.  Always send the feedback.  Please add any comments to explain the task you were performing (i.e. which app screen you were using) when the app crashed.

Please post comments or questions to the cnArcher Beta forum rather than email.

The forum will provide the best opportunity for cnArcher team members and other beta testers to learn from your questions or comments.


The SM must have default settings for the admin login/password and SNMP community strings.  The app is been validated on Android versions 6.0 and later.

The app can optionally be used in conjunction with cnMaestro.  If used with cnMaestro, the installer should have a dedicated cnMaestro login.  In cnMaestro cloud, the installer should also have an onboarding key defined.  In cnMaestro On-premises, by default, the onboarding key is not required but your cnMaestro administrator may have enabled the feature that requires it to be used. 


  • cnArcher will store PMP software version 15.1.1 on the Android device an automatically offer to upgrade SMs that are running older software versions to this minimum required version
  • A demo mode has been added to the app which allows a user to step through the cnArcher installation sequence by simulating a 5GHz PMP SM is being installed. Enabled or disable demo mode from the main menu.
  • Graphical improvements to the AP Scan Results page
  • Re-designed alignment page. Installer should point to the desired tower and sweep a wide horizontal and vertical range to ensure the maximum signal strength is detected.  After that, fine-tune the alignment by minimizing the vertical orange bar to achieve maximum signal strength.


  • 3 GHz PMP SMs are supported
  • cnMaestro On-premises is supported


  • The app requires a user begin with a factory-defaulted SM particularly with respect to the administrator login/password and SNMP read/write community strings.
  • [Bug] If using cnMaestro, the SM must not already be onboarded into cnMaestro.
  • Although cnArcher can store PMP software version 15.1.1 image locally to upgrade SMs that are running older software, the installer cannot elect to download the image without first connecting to an SM that is running an older software version. At that point, cnArcher will prompt the installer to download and store the 15.1.1 image locally (for this and future SM installations).  Of course, network connectivity is required to download the image.  A future cnArcher release will allow the user to download necessary PMP software versions whenever the installer elects to do so.
  • When performing an SM installation, use cnArcher to configure the Android device’s WiFi configuration. Do not use the standard Android “Settings” app to change the WiFi settings.
  • [Bug] Ideally, the installer should have his portable WiFi AP powered on when first using the app.  The app will ask the installer to select the SSID.  (A work-around is to connect to any local SSID and then later edit the WiFi AP settings at the time of the SM installation.)
  • cnArcher does not currently configure PPPoE settings on the SM
  • cnArcher does not allow setting “custom” 3 GHz frequencies
  • cnArcher does not install custom RADIUS certificates on the PMP SM
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