cnArcher v1.2 beta available for iOS

Please see for details on joining the beta and new features. Main addition is support for ePMP SMs.

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Very unstable for me. Any attempt to press the settings button/bars in the upper right corner results in the app crashing. Have also not been able to complete a SM configuration. Most recent attempt hangs at cnMaestro Satus on SM : Error: Application can not talk to SM. The phone/app have a public ip address through the SM and I am able to reach my on prem cnmaestro via a web browser on the phone. Each time the process hangs in this state the SM web interface enters a state where navigating from tab to tab takes a very long time although icmp to the SM is just fine.


Can you please use the "Report a bug" menu item in the app to send is the debug logs? 


hi si r