cnArcher v1.4 released for Android


The build has been updated to v1.4.9 and we are officially out of beta!


The beta build has been updated to v1.4.5.

  • cnPilot onboarding for MSP enabled account is now supported.
  • The phone screen will now stay on while the app is in use. You can turn this behaviour off in "Settings".
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.  


cnArcher v1.4.4 beta is now available for Android. To get the app, please go to the cnArcher page in the Play Store and install. 


If you are not currently a beta tester, scroll down to the bottom of the cnArcher Play Store page and click “Become a Beta Tester”. This can only be done from the Play Store, and not from a browser. 


You can always opt-out of beta testing from the cnArcher Play Store page.  Then uninstall and re-install cnArcher to go back to the production version.

Restrictions in place due to COVID-19 may impact our ability to respond to issues, so we recommend opting out of beta and using the production version if you run into issues in the field. 

What's New

Support for CBRS enabled SMs

PMP 16.2 adds CBRS support. This version of cnArcher allows installer to upgrade the SM to PMP 16.2 as a well as addresses issues that prevented the install flow from completing with CBRS enabled SMs. 

Onboard cnPilot E APs into cnMaestro cloud

Installer can claim and onboard a cnPilot E series AP into cnMaestro cloud by selecting the "Onboard" item from the menu. You can enter the MSN manually or scan it in using the phone's camera. When you have multiple "Sites" defined in cnMaestro, the app will match the location of the site to the location of the phone, and suggest the correct site. This is very useful for large installs across multiple sites, as the APs will automatically be mapped to the corect site.

MSP enabled accounts are not supported yet. 


Spectrum Analyzer support for PMP

If you are using PMP SMs, you can now run run spectrum analyzer on the SM and see the results in the app. To start spectrum anayzer, select "Spectrum Analysis" from the app menu.