cnConcierge Feature Request

In cnConcierge when i log in with my cloud account i can see my all Guest Voucher plan once i selected one of them i can generate voucher but if i want to generate voucher for any other plan i can not go back and select an other plan instead i have to close App and re-login to go back to 1st screen where i have all of my Guest Voucher plan.

  It have been onform that it is desing to work like this.

This App will be very usefull for hotel helpdesk having multiple plan if they dont need to log in again to select an other package.

We should click back aerow to go back to 1st screen and select any of created Plan.

I have this same problem, it would be interesting to be able to access all portals on a single device, just clicking the back button that today its function is exits the application.

Has there been any development on this product.
In theory, it’s a great idea but it needs some app development to make it work well.
On the IOS 16 and now BETA 17, it hardly works. You have to uninstall it to login in to a different acct!