cnHeat LOCATE 3 GHz nLOS / NLOS Propagation Model Released

cnHeat LOCATE (i.e. heat maps) has been enhanced to support 3 GHz nLOS / NLOS support.  This allows WISPs to now see nLOS / NLOS coverage for any 3 GHz sites such as 450m and 450i in addition to LOS coverage.  WISPs will now enjoy the same benefits for 3 GHz nLOS / NLOS as LOS previously.  This is made possible through a best in class propagation model created by Cambium Networks.

Coverage for 3 GHz expands greatly for nLOS / NLOS, which is due to increased EIRP and propagation benefits at 3 GHz as compared to 5GHz.  In the picture below cnHeat coverage is shown both for LOS only and nLOS / NLOS for a 3 GHz site at 13’ (i.e. one-story building).   cnHeat clearly demonstrates the increased coverage benefits of 3 GHz nLOS / NLOS.

There are no new part numbers or change of pricing here.  cnHeat LOCATE subscription functionality is being extended to include 3 GHz nLOS / NLOS.  Existing sites of 3 GHz will be extended at no cost as part of a cnHeat subscription.

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