cnHeat LOCATE Supports 60 GHz cnWave

cnHeat LOCATE now supports 60 GHz cnWave, Cambium’s Millimeter Wave (mmWave) product line, including heat maps for all Distributor Nodes (DN) within a cnWave network. Each DN has 8 independent heat maps that support channels 1, 2, 3, and 4, with both rain and non-rain scenarios (e.g., channel 1 with rain, channel 1 without rain).

cnHeat LOCATE for cnWave provides a 3D view of RF reality at every square meter of coverage for every DN—just as cnHeat LOCATE does today for 5/3/2 GHz. Existing features for cnHeat LOCATE are included with cnHeat for cnWave. cnHeat LOCATE for cnWave allows service providers to model all DNs in a network to ensure that connectivity between DNs is realized and that adequate CN coverage at an end customer location is realized.

Service providers can move any/all DNs to view various what-if scenarios to optimize the network layout for DNs.

The picture above shows an 18 DN network where DN07 is showing a propagation prediction for v3000 CNs on channel 1 with Rain included. Changing predictions is easy; just select the CN/DN, the channel, and rain / no rain.

Pricing for cnHeat LOCATE for cnWave is less than 1/4 the price for cnHeat LOCATE for 5/3/2 GHz. Part numbers and pricing are:

Part Number Description Price
PS-MP1Y60-RW DN coverage map for 60 GHz, one year paid up-front $50.00
PS-MP3M1Y60-RW DN coverage map for 60 GHz, one year paid every three months $13.25
PS-MP3Y60-RW DN coverage map for 60 GHz, three year paid up-front $100.00
PS-MP3M3Y60-RW DN coverage map for 60 GHz, three year paid every three months $8.75
PS-MPRUN60-RW DN coverage map for 60 GHz, Move Any / All DNs $50.00

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