cnHeat Pricing - $12.50 Per Month Per Site, No Set Up Fee

Wanted to re-post cnHeat LOCATE (heat map) pricing.  As little as $12.50 per month per site with a three-year subscription.  Never a set up fee.  Can purchase a one-year subscription, too.  Can pay up-front for a discount if you want.

Repeating what Steve Kielley has mentioned.  One customer install pays for six cnHeat sites.  If a failed truck roll costs $75 or a successful truck roll saves $75 in time and resources due to going to exact install spot, then this pays for six sites of cnHeat for the month.

How often is the height data updated? Trees do grow!

Hi John,

LiDAR seems to provided on average every 10 years.  Sometimes it is faster such as recolecting data after a hurricane.  Sometimes it takes longer.

We track LiDAR and if it is new, we use the latest and will update subscriptions.