cnHeat pricing clarification

It is unclear to me at first glance how the pricing works for cnHeat.  I see that there are one and three year subscriptions available, that part is fine.  Are these subscriptions "per-site", if I have 10 sites to model I pay this subscription rate x 10?  Or, is this "per-account" and I just place all of my sites details into the site information spreadsheet to generate one big map?

Unrelated to pricing, in the site information spreadsheet there is no way to specify antenna horizontal beamwidth if using something other than a factory sector.  Is that expected to change at any time in the future?

Hi Jacob,

The pricing is per site.  If you have two sites, the price would be 2x.

With regard to third party antennas, what we do is get the antenna model from you and then we go and fetch the antenna patterns from the antenna manufacturer.  You would just need to let us know the antenna model you would like to use either by writing this in the spreadsheet and denoting this or just telling us through email.

Dan Sullivan

Thanks for the reply Dan.  Unfortunately that pricing model makes exponentially more expensive than what we use now for this purpose.  That said, the pricing is not so bad that I won't give it a try for one or two macro sites. 

Thanks for the clarification on the antenna patterns as well, that is very useful.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the feedback.

You are correct in that cnHeat costs more than other solutions, and the reason for this is that cnHeat does provide value over other solutions in that you will have a very high prediction rate on installations (and other benefits) as compared to other solutions on exactly where installs can occur.  The reason for the increased accuracy is the underlying 1m GIS data that cnHeat uses as compared to 10-30m GIS data used by other solutions.

1m GIS Data Used by cnHeat10m GIS. 10-30m GIS Used by Other Solutions.

You can contact me at if you need any help with cnHeat.  By the way, we will let you try cnHeat out for free for two weeks at the site of your choice.

Dan Sullivan

Hi Dan,

I uderstand the added value for some WISPs, it just doesn't seem to make sense in my situation. 

My two CSR folks are also my two installers. Between the three of us, we have enough experience in the area that we serve that the higher resulution data is only somewhat useful.  Typically a customer can call in and I have a very good idea based on their address alone if we can provide service.  Add to that the 40+ sites we have (lots of micro-pops, only a few macro), it just gets very expensive.

I am interested in this for two of my moutain top sites though, I'll be reaching out for a trial.