cnHeat Release Notes

Release 2.2.9 (04-15-2024)

  • Various bug and UI improvements for cnHeat 2.2 (Embed)

Release 2.2.8 (02-26-2024)

  • cnHeat 2.2 (Embed) General Release
  • Embed: Full URL Parameter support for reconfiguring instances
  • Embed: Improved coverage rendering
  • Various bug and UI improvements

Release 2.2.7 (01-31-2024)

  • Embed: Various bug and UI improvements
  • Prediction generation speedups

Release 2.2.6 (01-10-2024)

  • Embed: Added Push API support for Web Leads for Visp
  • Various bug and UI improvements

Release 2.2.5 (12-21-2023)

  • Embed: Added Push API support for Web Leads for Powercode, Sonar, and Splynx
  • Embed: Added Hostname domain validation enforcement
  • Various bug and UI improvements

Release 2.2.4 (11-28-2023)

  • Added back end aggregation of predictions for Embed feature
  • Various bug and UI improvements

Release 2.2.3 (11-15-2023)

  • Updated propagation model for increased accuracy at longer ranges.

Release 2.2.2 (08-16-2023)

  • 28 GHz and 60 GHz support in regular projects (All bands can be modeled in one project instead of individual projects.)
  • Additional support for 3rd party gear in 28 GHz and 60 GHz

Release 2.2.1 (05-10-2023)

  • IDENTIFY results for dense areas are automatically disabled. (If more than 20,000 buildings are identified within the radius of the site then building identification is skipped to improve database performance.)

Release 2.2.0 (04-14-2023)

  • Beta release of the Embed feature which allows the cnHeat map view to be included in other web based tools via an iframe.
  • Performance increase in loading maps tiles.

Release 2.1.3 (01-10-2023)

  • Added support for 6 GHz
  • Modified BDC Export tools to run more quickly for complex and larger datasets
  • Modified BDC Export tools to account for the new technology code 72 (Licensed-by-Rule)

Release 2.1.2 (08-11-2022)

  • Added support microPOP sites (limited to 2 miles range)
  • Added ability to specify LOS-only coverage for BDC coverage exports
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.1.1 (07-28-2022)

  • Added additional support for Form 477 & BDC reporting for the FCC
  • Previous jobs can now be duplicated and re-run
  • Additional details about submitted jobs are shown by hovering or clicking on the job name

Release 2.1.0 (07-12-2022)

  • Added support for Form 477 & BDC reporting for the FCC
    Note: The coverage export feature can be used to generate downloadable polygon exports in Shapefile (.shp), Google Earth (.kmz), GeoPackage (.gpkg) file format for other purposes as well.

Release 2.0.10 (05-26-2022)

  • Added support for 28GHz cnWave projects
  • Added support for 60GHz v3000 as a DN showing all possible locations to deploy a remote end. (modeled with an isotropic omni)
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.9 (05-12-2022)

  • Added ability for users to apply credits to existing sites to either re-activate or extend the subscription
  • Map view is now available for new projects where sites have not yet been added
  • Distance Tool now shows GPS coordinates even when more than 20km from an active site
  • Changed default SM gain from 30dBi to 20dBi when setting up a new radio for a site with no radios
  • Added appropriate email notifications for failed jobs run when there is no LiDAR processed for an area
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.8 (05-05-2022)

  • Added a Subscription management table for users to track the subscription of each site
  • Added expiration notification (30 days before a site expires)

Release 2.0.7 (04-28-2022)

  • Minor UI changes for mobile device support
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.6 (04-21-2022)

  • Collapsible control panel to assist users with mobile devices
  • Prediction names displayed when hovering a row in the Distance Tool
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.5 (04-14-2022)

  • Improved antenna list filtering based on frequency
  • Improved antenna descriptions (including part number and gain)
  • Addition of footer pointing to version, release notes, customer support
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.4 (04-07-2022)

  • User permission functionality (Projects can be shared with other users and specific permissions can be assigned to individual users.)
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.3 (03-24-2022)

  • Show/Hide prediction functionality (Engineers can run predictions that are hidden from read-only users.)
  • Ability to rename predictions
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.2 (03-16-2022)

  • Available Elevation Layer to show where high resolution GIS data has been processed
  • Various UI changes
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.0.1 (03-09-2022)

  • CSS Improvements to support various screen sizes
  • Read-only user support for Projects
  • Correction to Signal Strength calculations for 60GHz cnWave
  • Better SSO session management (session stability)
  • Optimized server configuration (session stability)

We are currently on cnHeat v1, how do we get access to 2.0?

We are working to migrate cnHeat 1.0 customers to cnHeat 2.0. Any existing customers with concerns should email the team at .


My cnHeat towers and propagation has been upgraded to v2.0.5 and now I don’t see any of our towers. How soon can this get fixed?

We added a new landing page to assist customers as we migrate them from cnHeat 1.0 to 2.0.
It does not appear that your account has been migrated to 2.0 yet. To continue to use cnHeat in the meantime please select 1.0. If you are not seeing this landing page screen any longer then it may be that you have selected “Don’t ask again”. In this case please clear your cookies to be presented with this landing page again.