cnMaestro 1.5.1 Release


cnMaestro 1.5.1 On-Premises is now available for download on the Support Center website. cnMaestro Cloud will be updated early next week. The features and fixes in 1.5.1 are listed below.


cnMaestro 1.5.1 On-Premises is a Package release rather than a full OVA Image. It must be applied on top of an existing 1.5.0 or 1.4.0 On-Premises installation. Please follow the steps detailed in section 6.2 of the cnMaestro On-Premises 1.4.0 Quick Start Guide (“Updating cnMaestro Software”) to perform a package update on an existing OVA.

Site and AP Group Dashboard Improvements

The AP Group and Site Dashboard pages have been updated to support Top Clients and Top WLANs.



Top Clients Widget

Top 5 clients by total usage.

Top WLANs Widget

Top 5 WLANs by overall throughput.

WLAN Configuration for cnPilot Enterprise (E-Series, ePMP Hotspot)

The following are added to WLAN Enterprise Configuration for cnPilot E-Series and ePMP Hotspot:



MAC Whitelisting

Allow/deny a set of clients based on MAC address.

Limit Clients per WLAN

Limit number of clients for a WLAN.

Limit Speed per WLAN

Rate limit traffic on a WLAN.

WPA2 Enterprise

SSID Security option.

Option 82 under Mesh Base

Security against attacks, such as IP/MAC spoofing and DHCP IP address starvation.

Mesh Auto Detect Backhaul

Mesh base AP can switch mode to mesh client when it loses backhaul connectivity.


Centralized switching/routing point through which RADIUS access/accounting messages flow. This is only available in cnMaestro On-Premises.

Drop Multicast Packets

Drop multicast packets in uplink and downlink directions on a particular WLAN.

Client Isolation on AP/WLAN

Isolate traffic between mesh clients associated on a WLAN.

cnPilot Troubleshooting Improvements

The following are added to cnPilot Troubleshooting:



Last Reboot Reason

Device Statistics page will show last reboot reason.

Disconnect Wireless Clients

Operation to disconnect wireless or mesh clients.

WiFi Performance

WiFi Performance speed test measures backhaul link throughput across devices with respect to cnMaestro. It interoperates with the open source zapwireless tool: (

This tool measures the following with intervals of 10, 20, and 30 seconds:

Traffic Types

·        UDP

·        TCP

Traffic Direction

·        Downlink

·        Uplink


Supported Cambium Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products. The software versions are the minimum required to use cnMaestro.





cnPilot R200, cnPilot R200P


cnPilot R201, cnPilot R201P


cnPilot R190V, cnPilot R190W (New)


cnPilot E400/E500


cnPilot E410 (New)


cnPilot E501S (New)


ePMP 1000 Hotspot

ePMP 1000 Hotspot



ePMP 1000, Force 180/200


ePMP 2000


ePMP Elevate



PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 450m, PMP 430 SM, PTP 450, and PTP 450i


Supported Browsers

cnMaestro supports the following browsers:




MS Windows

Internet Explorer

11 and above


45 and above


49 and above

Mac OS


9 and above



45 and above


49 and above

Significant Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in cnMaestro On-Premises 1.5.1:




Site Dashboard Device Count incorrect when number of devices over 100.


PMP Device Dashboard shows wrong device uptime.


Onboarding not auto refreshing after device successfully claimed.


Select All not working in Configuration Synchronization page.


Automatic Synchronization is not working correctly.


Device awaiting approval in onboarding queue will not reconnect if rebooted.

Outstanding Issues

The following issues exist in the cnMaestro On-Premises 1.5.0 release:





cnPilot E400 PoE Configuration Error

Configuring PoE Output options for cnPilot E400 devices will generate the error” “PoE-Out to an auxiliary device not supported on this platform”.

Workaround: Do not enable PoE option if the configuration is pushed to multiple mixed types of devices like E500 and E400.


WiFi Guest Access Does Not Work with Microsoft Edge Browser

Guest Access on cnMaestro does not work with Edge browser on cnPilot 1.4.0-r12  with 3.2.1-6 and 1.5.0-r4 with 3.3 beta builds

Workaround: Users need to use other supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (IE) 11.


DHCP Errors after cnMaestro Reboot

When cnMaestro On-Premises is rebooted after Data Import, sometimes DHCP and Disk Errors are encountered.

Workaround: Explicitly run the dhclient command from the Command Line (accessed through the CLI) after reboot to assign the IP address.


DHCP Option 15 Not Working for cnPilot R.

DHCP Option 15 onboarding is not working for cnPilot R devices. These devices cannot use this onboarding mechanism.


Captive Portal Auto Login Fails with Latest Android Devices

Workaround: Whitelist the URL for Google (*


RADIUS Proxy Drops Packets after Retry Exhausted

After RADIUS Proxy Retries are exhausted in cnMaestro On-Premises, all subsequent RADIUS packets are dropped.

Workaround: Reboot cnMaestro.

Where to Get Help

There are a number of places to get help with cnMaestro.

  1. Cambium Community: The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.
  1. On-Premises Quick Start Guide: This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboarded quickly. It is embedded into the cnMaestro image and can be accessed on the Home Page of the UI. It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cambium Support website.
  1. Cambium Support: The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.

The slow scrolling issue is fixed. THANK YOU!!!

When trying the "WiFi performance" tool, we get error "Error There is some issue in the network. Please try again after sometime." This happens regardless of TCP or UDP selcted as protocol.
Isn't the performance tool a speedtest between the AP and the cnMaestro controller, or have we missunderstood something?

What is the version running on the AP and please send the device model.

E400 running 3.3-r16

Would need a remote debugging to see what’s the issue.

Can you please run the below CLI command in your cnMaestro VMand see whats the output you see

UDP performance

wifiperf -s<IP_D> -d<IP_D> -X<seconds>

TCP performance

wifiperf_tcp -s<IP_D> -d<IP_D> -X<seconds>

For ex: wifiperf -s192.168.1.1 -d192.168.1.2 -X10



Does Wifiperf work over internet from AP to cnMaestro with only portforward 443 from internet to cnMaestro controller? If not, that's probably our problem.

wifi perf will work as long as AP and cnMaestro have the ip connectivity in both forward and reverse direction.

Wifi speedtest runs on port 18301 for both UDP/TCP, please check your network if its blocked.

We will update our help/user guide document.

cnMaestro cloud servers are also updated with 1.5.1 

How about scheduled firmware update  ?

Any ETA on next update and what it may include?

Timeline for PTP650 support?

Any plan for PTP820 support?

I know new versions are due to be released, but are there any release notes detailing the differences between the latest onpremise release r8 and the latest cloud release r18?  Did I miss a onpremise release?

Thanking you in advance

I am running cnMaestro version 1.4 and I need to update it to 1.5.  I have downloaded the update but the extension is .gz and Windows or the Oracle virtual machine does not recognize that format.  Is there a instruction sheet on how to upgrade because I don't see it?

Thanks ahead of time.

1.5.1 is a package release update and can be applied via the UI by logging into cnMaestro itself and uploading the .tar.gz file.

From the On-Premises User Guide:

The package file can be installed on top of an OVA image and will only update the cnMaestro application.
Packages will be released more frequently, and they won’t require one to export/import existing data.
Packages can be installed by downloading them from Cambium and uploading them through the UI (at
Manage > Server > Operations).


How is possible to limit rate traffic for user from cnMaestro?

Thank you.

Haxhi Cela / ABCom.

@haxhi wrote:


How is possible to limit rate traffic for user from cnMaestro?

Thank you.

Haxhi Cela / ABCom.

If you're asking how you set a user's SM to rate limit them, then that depends on the type of equipment.  You could set up a template for the rate limit parameters and apply it to the selected SM(s) from cnMaestro, but exactly WHAT parameters you'd need to set will depend on whether the SM is PMP450 or ePMP.  (or WiFi)

I'd suggest starting a new thread in this cnMaestro section asking how to apply rate limiting via cnMaestro to the particular gear you have deployed.


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