cnMaestro 1.6.3 Release (On-Premises and Cloud)


This document highlights new features and significant updates in cnMaestro Cloud and On-Premises (cnMaestro Cloud will be rolled out over the next two weeks).


cnMaestro On-Premises 1.6.3 is a Package release rather than a full OVA image. It must be applied on top of an existing On-Premises installation of version 1.6.1 or later. Please follow the steps detailed in section 6.2 of the cnMaestro On-Premises 1.6.1 Quick Start Guide (“Updating cnMaestro Software”) to perform a package update on an existing OVA.

Important: Web Browser

You may need to restart your browser (or clear the browser cache with a hard reload) after the 1.6.3 update.

Important: Package Update Precautions!

This update changes the internal database to support the new MSP feature. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes, and it will begin when the system reboots. We recommend limiting UI access during this period, to keep the load down. Devices will otherwise reconnect as normal. Please also do the following:

1.      Take a snapshot or copy of the VM before updating. This will allow a rollback if there are unforeseen issues.

2.      Take backup of Application > Server > SSL Certificates and import it back after upgrading to 1.6.3. This is in addition to the System Backup export/import: the certificates are currently not included, and need to be replaced manually.

3.      On a fully loaded server with 10K devices, the package update may take longer: on the order of 20-25 minutes.

4.      During package update, the virtual machine must NOT be rebooted or powered off.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) (On-Premises) Pro.png

Managed Service Provider (MSP) allows a cnMaestro account owner to partition their installation into separate Managed Accounts – each with its own independent administration and configuration. This feature is directed to service providers who want to deliver a full cnMaestro infrastructure to their customers, but still maintain control over the full deployment.

The MSP feature supports all cnMaestro device types, and it consists of the following two components:

Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts group cnMaestro devices and configuration objects (such as AP Groups, WLANs, Templates, Networks, and Sites) into independent administration domains within a single cnMaestro Company Account. Managed Accounts are autonomous, and the devices added to them are configured using the objects in the Managed Account, or shared objects available to all accounts.

Branded Services

A Branded Service allows the service provider to create a customized version of the cnMaestro UI that will be used by their Managed Account customers. Each Branded Service can be shared between different Managed Accounts.

Managed Accounts API Pro.png

The cnMaestro On-Premises API is updated to support filtering by Managed Account.

Enhanced Performance Charts

Zoom and pan the performance charts, and simultaneously select the same point on all graphics. Additional graphs have been added based upon device type.

New Performance Graphs for cnPilot Enterprise

Additional performance charts are available for cnPilot Enterprise, including: Noise Floor, Interference, Airtime Utilization, Packet Rate, CPU, and Available Memory.

Refreshed Application Server Statistics

The graphs on the Application > Server > Monitoring page have been updated to the new style.

Sector Visualization

Basic sector view for ePMP and PMP fixed wireless devices. This requires configuration of Height, Azimuth, Elevation and Beam Width under the e/PMP AP device configuration. These parameters generate the Sector View (the presentation is not based upon link planning or geographic topology). A new option for Sector Visualization is available in Map View. By selecting the Show Sector option, the following Map will be displayed:

In addition, a new option to show/hide Subscriber Modules is available. This is present at System, Network, Tower, and AP levels. You can also choose the color of SMs based upon frequency or online/offline state.

Enhanced Map Modes

Existing Map Options have been enriched, and a new Map Mode called “Frequency” is added.

Scheduled System Backup

Schedule daily/weekly system backups for configuration and data. The Application > Server > Operations page manages this feature.

SFTP/FTP Transfer Backup Data

The backup data can be automatically transferred to a local SFTP/FTP server through Application > Settings > Optional Features > Scheduled Jobs.

Security Banner at Login

A security banner is optionally available to warn users prior to login.

This feature is configured at Application > Server > Settings > Login Security Banner.


Retry Software Update

Retry the software update for offline/skipped devices to ensure they are automatically updated on the next reconnect. This option is available on the Software Update page.


Enhanced Data Report Jobs

Data Report Jobs are overhauled to improve the user experience, including automated status update, to track job progress in real time.


Abort Stuck Update Jobs (Software/Configuration)

Abort long running software/configuration update jobs, in case they are stuck due to network/device issues. This option is available in Application > Jobs > Software Update and Application > Jobs > Configuration Update under the Actions column.


WLAN Configuration for cnPilot Enterprise

The following parameters are added to WLAN Enterprise configuration for cnPilot E-Series:



Mesh Multi Hop

Enable/Disable the multi-hop mesh link support. This configuration is used only if mesh auto detect backhaul feature is enabled.

Dynamic VLAN

Enable/Disable RADIUS assigned VLANs.

Supported Cambium Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products. The software versions are the minimum required to use cnMaestro (not the recommended versions).



cnPilot R200, R200P


cnPilot R201, R201P


cnPilot R190V,  R190W


cnPilot E400/E500


cnPilot E410/E430w/E600


cnPilot E501S


cnPilot E502S


cnPilot E700


ePMP 1000 Hotspot


ePMP 1000, Force 180/200


ePMP 2000


ePMP Elevate


ePMP Force 190


ePMP Force 300


ePMP PTP 550


PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 450m, PMP 430 SM


PTP 450, and PTP 450i


Supported Browsers

cnMaestro supports the following browsers:



Windows Internet Explorer

11 and above

Windows Firefox

45 and above

Windows Chrome

49 and above

MacOS Safari

9 and above

Linux Firefox

45 and above

Linux Chrome

49 and above

Significant Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:




Zero touch onboarding of PMP SMs not working if the “Claim Through Cambium ID” option is enabled in On-Premises server.


On-Premises server treats reachable VLAN of preconfigured AP as native.


Bulk delete on large data failed.


Top clients for the Wi-Fi device is not showing the clients.


Floorplan images distorted.


Performance reports are blank after month end date.


Site ID option configuration is not available under option-82.


Cisco ISE support for RADIUS Authentication.


Dynamic VLAN option needs to be added under AAA server configuration.


User is unable to add username as “ name.surname@domain” under PPPoE settings in the AP Group.


Secondary server fall back is not happening if primary is not reachable


SMS Authentication - Vietnam country code is not available for Twilio.


Missing and Extra attributes in Devices API response.


AP configuration sync fail with multiple reasons: verification fail, device timed out, invalid channel.


Migrate existing Home AP Group to include missing replacement variables.


Secondary AAA server should not be contacted unless primary server is not reachable or no AAA service is running.


Aurora crash due to null memory reference.

Known Issues

The following issues exist:





Failure to load success page after quick pay authentication


Error contacting server when clicked on Orange Money button


WiFi Guest Access Does Not Work with Microsoft Edge Browser

Guest Access on cnMaestro does not work with Edge browser on cnPilot 1.4.0-r12 with 3.2.1-6 and 1.5.0-r4 with 3.3 beta builds.

Workaround: Users need to use supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (IE) 11.


DHCP Errors after cnMaestro Reboot

When cnMaestro On-Premises is rebooted, after Data Import, sometimes DHCP and Disk Errors are encountered.

Workaround: Explicitly run the dhclient command from the Command Line (accessed through the CLI) after reboot to assign the IP address.


DHCP Option 15 Not Working for cnPilot R

DHCP Option 15 onboarding is not working for cnPilot R devices. These devices cannot use this onboarding mechanism.


Captive Portal Auto Login Fails with Latest Android Devices

Workaround: Whitelist the URL for Google (*


RADIUS Proxy Drops Packets after Retry Exhausted

After RADIUS Proxy Retries are exhausted in cnMaestro On-Premises, all subsequent RADIUS packets are dropped.

Workaround: Reboot cnMaestro.


Access token is expired after data migration

Workaround: User has to generate a new token after the migration.


Auto sync always times out if the device IP changes during auto sync


Tenant account user session expire redirecting the page going to the main NOC login page

Workaround: User has to use the managed account login URL.


PTP 550 and Force 300 devices with build 4.1.1 are not sending the software update events to cnMaestro.

Due to this issue, user will not be able to track the history of device updates in the Notifications->Events page. This is a device side issue and will be fixed in upcoming ePMP release – 4.1.2.


ePMP: NO GPS Sync or GPS Sycn down alarm/event not raised in cnMaestro

ePMP devices are not sending the GPS Sync status events to cnMaestro when GPS Sync is down or there is NO GPS Sync.

Also for PMP GPS SYNC events, details shows sync source instead of indicating whether the GPS SYNC source is up or Down.

Where to Get Help

There are a number of places to get help with cnMaestro.

  1. Cambium Community: The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.
  1. On-Premises Quick Start Guide: This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboarded quickly. It is embedded into the cnMaestro image and can be accessed on the Home Page of the UI. It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cambium Support website.
  1. Cambium Support: The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.

Nice job! There are some usefull features, can't wait for 2.0 release. When are you targeting to release 2.0?


EDIT: No need to answer, just found what I was looking for on this forum. Thanks.


When is it going to be supported MSP on the CLoud version of the CnMaestro?



Great Updates - but IMO the thing required the most is an email/text notification when a device goes offline or there is an issue


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I have upgraded today and I appreciate all news features.

But for sector i have some bug:

  • sector size is always wrong (in some case, more 60Km!)
  • sometime i cannot insert negative elevation
  • a beam width of 360° is a single line, to have a circle i need to input 359°
  • it would be wonderful the possibility to draw the sector over the map!

Thank You

There's a way to change the color of the SM in te map? Before was green now is black)

And how we can custom the perfomance graphs?


@Usseglio Gaudi Francesco wrote:


I have upgraded today and I appreciate all news features.

But for sector i have some bug:

  • sector size is always wrong (in some case, more 60Km!)
  • sometime i cannot insert negative elevation
  • a beam width of 360° is a single line, to have a circle i need to input 359°
  • it would be wonderful the possibility to draw the sector over the map!

Thank You

What AP model is this? Can you include "Height", "Azimuth" and "Elevation" from the radio configuration page in cnMaestro? Can you also share the TX power and antenna gain set on the AP?

We will look at the issue with rntering 360 degree beam width.

You can zoom to CUSTOM level in performance graphs just by selecting a portion of graph using normal mouse click and drag.



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Some versions ago i've asked for the "Default Port VID" item in the RestfulAPI's interrogation.

Has been implemented?

I have been trying to update to 1.6.3 from 1.6.0 (via 1.6.1 OVA) I have been unable to restore my backup from 1.6.0 into 1.6.3 This appears to be due to the fact that 1.6.0 exports a TGZ file whilst 1.6.3 expects a TAR file. I have gotten around this by unzipping the file before upload so this is just to raise the issue, and advise of the workaround. Barry.

I really like the idea of being able to visualise the bearing and beamwidths of my radios but I am having a number of issues with this release.

A number of sectors just don't show up in the map, even though their tower mates do, I am attaching a screenshot of a tower from the map and from the dashboard, one sector (medussa-s2-340) is missing. No matter what actions I take I cannot get it to show on the map.



I also see that 450i radios are visualised as covering a range of ~5km, whilst 450m are show as ~50km. All should be 26km on my network...

It would also be nice to be able to turn off/on all radios using same frequency with one checkbox, rather than having 13 checkboxes for 5800...

Finally, 'Show SMs' is a poor default, I have thousands of SMs and each time I draw the map, my browser hangs up for an age.

Please do keep up development and release frequent updates...

In relation to sector coverage not being visible on the map, I find that if I remove the sector from my 450 network, back to the default network, the coverage area is visible, when I move it back to my network it is no longer visible.

Other sectors on the same tower in the same network remain visible throughout.

The sector is also visible when I add it to a tower under my epmp network, and when I add it to my 450 network without adding it to a tower.

On one tower, no sectors are visible when in 450 network but all are visible when tower is moved to default network.

Is there a way to debug this? I can't find any logs relating to this map app.

Am I just wasting my time using this app at this stage of development?

Is there any feedback mechanism?

Please raise a service ticket with the customer support team.

On Cloud version I find a new option avaible in WLAN --> Access Control --> MAC Authentication the cnmaestro Option, how this work? What purpose it has? 


If you are using MAC Authentication, cnPilot device supports maximum of 256 mac entries. If you have more than 256 wireless clients that needs to be authenticated using mac-auth, you can use the cnMaestro as option.

Confiuration is available at shared settings -> Association ACL in cnMaestro.

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The need to use Association ACL from cnMaestro is when MAC list is more than 256. One can maintain upto 10K entries if cnMaestro based association ACL is used.

cnMaestro based ACL will also give additional flexibility

1. Per MAC entry option to permit or deny the association and 

2. Default action if MAC entry is not present

3. The default action can be either allow or deny 

This also give flexibility to export the MAC list either as CSV or PDF format 

The only catch here is, if AP looses the connetivity, new clients will not be able to associate to AP

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Sector/Frequency visualization is extremely buggy

Some show up, while others don't.

Some let me put negative values in for elevation, while others don't

Can't find any reason or correlation as to why some behave different than others

Configuring a SM though cnMaestro we have this error if we use the 15.1.5 version.

If we configure the same SM with 15.1.1 there's not this error.

I don't understand wich kind of error is that

See attached file


Device might have disconnected in between, just check the device GUI what version its running.


No disconnections in between (i'm pretty sure).

But maybe during the cnmaestro configuration the SM has changed his version (autoupdate to 15.1.1).

I keep you updated.

Thank you Rupam!