cnMaestro 2.1.1 (on-premise) supports cnMatrix

cnMaestro 2.1.1 (on-premise) release is available. Please load the tar image file cnMatrix-EX2K-2.0.4-r1.tar.gz from to cnMaestro in the Software Image section.


I have cnMatrix EX2028-P, several cnPilot E501S and cnMaestro-on-premises_2.2.0-r60.

So how exactly to onboard all of them?

Do I need to connect cnMatrix to mgmt port???

It's a problem because this port is not from the same network as AP`s.

How to make cnMatrix mgmt port to be on the same network?

Sorry for the question but I can`t find any procedure how to onboard all device.


Could you share the Network topology diagram with VLAN and IP address details both for AP network and management network for cnMatrix switch? Based on that we could recommend the changes on the switch.