cnMaestro 2.4.1-r10 on-premise high CPU utilization

CPU: Xeon E5335 (4 of 8 CPUs)

cnMaestro 2.4.1-r10
Only 1 AP has been onboarded
Uptime 4 days and a bit

I’ve tried v3.0.0 and the usage was even higher

Can anyone explain this?

cnmaestro on-premise

Are you able to give an estimate as to how many devices are using the cnMaestro instance? We have around 2500 and so far have only run into the issue with swap space. This is on cnMaestro version 2.4.2

No devices connected. This is on a brand new install.

Hmmm. might open a case with Cambium on this one. No way it should be that high on an empty server. Curious what that python3 process is hammering on. Is it normally in the top consistently?