cnMaestro 3.0.2 (CBRS Multiple Grants Patch)


This document highlights new features and significant updates in cnMaestro Cloud and On-Premises.

Important: Non-CBRS Installations
This patch adds a feature for CBRS (Consumer Broadband Radio Service). It is not otherwise required for cnMaestro 3.0.0 On-Premises installations.

Important: CBRS Installations (added 4/12/2021)
3 GHz PTP 450 Backhaul Users should refrain from doing any CBRS Procedures using cnMaestro’s CBRS Management Tool which requires DEREGISTERING or REGISTERING their PTP CBSDs until a cnMaestro patch release is issued. The Patch is expected no later than 4/15/2021. Any PTP 450 radio that tries to Register with any SAS will be rejected until this new cnMaestro Patch is applied. PTP 450i and PTP 450b CBSDs are NOT affected by this issue and can be Deregistered and/or Registered with any SAS without issue.

If you find yourself already in a state where you have Deregistered a PTP 450 Backhaul CBSD using the cnMaestro Management Tool, it is suggested to use the PTP 450 Master Radio GUI interface to complete any subsequent Registration attempt with your SAS.

Important: Package Upgrade
cnMaestro On-Premises 3.0.2 is a Package release rather than a full OVA image. It must be applied on top of an existing 3.0.0 On-Premises installation.

Important: Web Browser
Restart your browser (or clear the browser cache with a hard reload) in case you still see the 3.0.0 version.

Important: Web Browser
CBRS customers should ignore the banner message “Your free 90-day trial will expire on ". No action is needed if you do not want to continue with cnMaestro X after the trial expires.

CBRS Support for Multiple Grants

Support for CBRS Multiple Grants is available at Services > CBRS > Management Tool. Using the Tool, one can add a Sector and divide Channels into multiple 10 MHz Grants.

For more information on the Multiple Grant feature, refer to the CBRS Consolidated Management Procedures Guide, version 1.6.

Supported Cambium Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products. The software versions are the minimum required to use cnMaestro (not the recommended versions).

Family Model Version
cnPilot Home cnPilot R200, R200P 4.2.3-R4
cnPilot R201, R201P 4.2.3-R4
cnPilot R190V, R190W 4.3.2-R4
cnPilot R195P 4.5.2
cnPilot R195W 4.7
Enterprise Wi-Fi cnPilot e400/e500 2.5.2-r3
cnPilot e410/e430w/e600 3.5.2-R4
cnPilot e501S/e502S 3.2.1-r6
cnPilot e700 3.8
cnPilot e425/e505 4.0-r17
cnPilot e510 3.11.4-r9
XV3-8 6.0
XV2-2 6.1
ePMP 1000 Hotspot ePMP 1000 Hotspot 2.5.2-r3
ePMP ePMP 1000, Force 180/200 2.6.2
ePMP 2000 3.0.1
ePMP Elevate XM/XW 3.2
ePMP Force 190 3.5
ePMP Force 300 4.1
ePMP PTP 550 4.1.1
ePMP Force 130 5 GHz 4.3.2
ePMP 3000L 4.3.2
ePMP Force 130 2.4 GHz 4.4
ePMP Force 300-19, 19R, 13 4.4
ePMP 3000 4.4.1
ePMP PTP 550 E 4.4.2
ePMP MP 3000 4.5
ePMP Force 300-13L 4.5.2
ePMP Force 300-13LC, 22L, 25L 4.6
ePMP 4000, Force 400 GPS, 400 CSM, 425 5.1.0
PMP PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 450m, PMP 430 SM 15.0.1
PTP 450, and PTP 450i 15.0.1
Micropop Omni/Sector 16.2.1
PTP PTP 650 01-47
PTP 670 (650 Emulation) 01-47
PTP 670, PTP 700 02-67
cnReach N500 5.2.17e
cnVision Hub 360r, FLEXr 4.6
Client Micro, Mini, Maxr 4.6
cnRanger Sierra 800
Tyndall 101
Tyndall 201
60 GHz cnWave V5000 1.0, 1.0.1-beta5
V3000 1.0, 1.0.1-beta5
V1000 1.0, 1.0.1-beta5

Supported Browsers

cnMaestro supports the following browsers:

Platform Browser Version
MS Windows Internet Explorer Deprecated
Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0
Firefox 45 and above
Chrome 49 and above
MacOS Safari 9 and above
Linux Firefox 45 and above
Chrome 49 and above

Known Issues

The following issues exist:

Id Issue Details
CNREACH-139 Radio Software Update is not happening for EP based devices.
CNSSNG-4083 DHCP errors after cnMaestro reboot. When cnMaestro On-Premises is rebooted, after Data Import, sometimes DHCP and Disk Errors are encountered.

Workaround: Explicitly run the dhclient command from the Command Line (accessed through the CLI) after reboot to assign the IP address.
CNSSNG-5365 RADIUS Proxy drops packets after retrying exhausted. After RADIUS Proxy Retries are exhausted in cnMaestro On-Premises, all subsequent RADIUS packets are dropped.

Workaround: Reboot cnMaestro.
CNSSNG-9631 High Availability: Network cable unplug: Device count is taken from Primary and jobs/users list is taken from Secondary.
CNSSNG-9632 High Availability: Network cable unplug: Devices onboarded during network disconnect need to be reapproved by user.
CNSSNG-10145 Certificate exports are not part of Data Backup and Restore Certificates must be exported manually.
CNSSNG-10187 While Migration is happening, moving or deleting a device from the Managed Account will mark all the events and alarms as undefined once migration is completed.
CNSSNG-11299 AP Regulatory Channel list support check needed for checking valid channels.
CNSSNG-11389 Microsoft Edge Browser does not support in system OVA file upgrade. Workaround : Use the Google Chrome browser
CNSSNG-11987 Failed - Bad Certificate’ errors while downloading the generated report after a period of report generation.
CNSSNG-12812 cnPilot R-series dual radio devices (r-201P, r-195W) AP Group country code/SSID configured from overrides getting applied only to 2.4 GHz radio.
CNSSNG-12888 Connected Clients count in the WLAN page is not properly shown when SSID is overridden for the WLAN at device level.
CNSSNG-13054 Mismatch in Clients count for E-series device at WLAN and AP Group configuration level.
CNSSNG-13144 CBRS Management tool status field is not updated in heartbeat state. Workaround: Prior to syncing the configuration to the radios, any state change from the SAS does not automatically get updated on cnMaestro. A refresh on the Management tool page is necessary.
CNSSNG-14030 CBRS Race condition: SM “stuck” in cnMaestro during reparenting if import and start occurs as SMs arrive in onboarding queue Workaround : To avoid this issue, follow the suggested SM reparenting procedures listed in the latest version of Cambium CBRS standalone procedures document.
CNSSNG-14518 Device Type selection needs to be provided at Site and AP Group for Report generation.
CNSSNG-15432 Deleting a device in Base Infrastructure and claiming it immediately to another Managed Account returns Device Registration Failed message.
CNSSNG-15553 Issue in pushing Template or Switch group with same name on cnMatrix device.
CNSSNG-15595 cnMatrix Hostname fall backs to old Hostname if the Template is pushed for the first time (if a Switch Group already exists)
CNSSNG-15656 Duplicate entries observed in 802.11ax Clients Report.
CNSSNG-15838 Issues related to Monetization Subscription Events.
CNSSNG-15932 Account switch to Enterprise View should not happen when the cnRanger device is onboarded Workaround : Do not switch to Enterprise View
CNSSNG-16019 Subscriptions are not listed in the correct order.
CNSSNG-16059 Audit Logs should be enabled for Monetization-related audit actions
CNSSNG-16197 CBSDID search will not work when device was synced from tool without obtaining grant first. Workaround : Perform CBSDID search from domain proxy view on cloud to obtain mac address, then perform MAC address search on tool to find the device.
CNSSNG-17011 After the migration completed for PPPoE with server update, devices still show in sync. Workaround : User must manually apply the AP Group again on devices with minor changes to the AP Group.
CNSSNG-17721 Need to take care of NAS-ID configuration when migrating cnMaestro from 2.4.1 and below version to 2.4.2 and above. Workaround : AP Groups having WLAN with custom NAS ID settings needs to be pushed again with minor changes to the AP Group. This is required only if the devices in the AP Group are running with and 4.1 builds
CNSSNG-17942 Configured values are getting cleared because of auto refresh.
CNSSNG-18698 HTTP redirection is not working for the cnReach device from cnMaestro.
CNSSNG-18699 IPv4 address of cnPilot R is not reflecting in configuration page and while hovering device name in tree.
CNSSNG-18710 Tier issues related to 450i, 450i AP, and 450i SM.
CNSSNG-18913 On resizing, the graph/widgets are not proper rendering.
CNSSNG-18923 After migration Reports Job page is empty due to cached data. Workaround : Clear Cache and Cookies after migration.
CNSSNG-18927 Configuration push from Onboarding page is getting device timeout error in ePMP 1000 Hotspot device.
CNSSNG-18936 Graph’s plotting is getting empty if the page is zoomed out/in.
CNSSNG-19115 If AP expires, SM reflects twice in the tree.
CNSSNG-19264 Unmanaged expired device Approve button is not disabled.
CNSSNG-19273 Expired Wi-Fi devices are not handled for AP Group dashboards and tree level.
CNSSNG-19274 Expired devices count should not be added to connection health graph.
CNSSNG-19275 Issues related to Offline alarm of expired devices.
CNSSNG-19511 Support for scheduled config jobs feature is missing at Switch Groups > Switches > Actions > Configuration tab.
CNSSNG-19649 cnRanger RRH and SM should not be permitted to change Managed Account
CNSSNG-19715 Unable to restore the E2E backup file and seeing error “Only.tar.gz files supported.” in Ubuntu. Workaround: To avoid this issue, use Windows or MAC book
CNSSNG-19741 New announcement notifications are not at the top of the list.
CNSSNG-19863 Onboard E2E controller shows time drift after software upgrade.
CNSSNG-19885 Unable to upgrade E2E when previous E2E upgrade is struck.
CNSSNG-20068 If NTP is disabled and ESXi server time is wrong then NTP is enabled, generate backup is not getting proper time
CNSSNG-20188 Default NTP servers are not getting populated when we upgrade from 2.4.0 or 2.4.1 where NTP servers are not configured Workaround: Disable and reenable the NTP server from cnMaestro GUI
CNSSNG-20069 NOC is getting disconnected and not re-connected when we update cloud server where anchor account is hosted
CNSSNG-20222 Issues related to cnMatrix template push when User-Defined Overrides (Advanced) are configured
FRIEZA-1509 Tx/Rx bytes in radio statistics are overflowing: show negative delta between 5 mins for v1000.
FRIEZA-1603 Unable to upgrade V3000 (DN/CN) image in PTP setup.
FRIEZA-1774 Software update does not work for CN/DN and get stuck with 0% downloading on Mesh setup
FRIEZA-1927 Onboard controller cnAgent is not restarting on backup restore

Where to Get Help

There are several places to get help with cnMaestro:

Cambium Community : The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

On-Premises Quick Start Guide : This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboarded quickly. It is embedded into the cnMaestro image and can be accessed on the Home Page of the UI. It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cambium Support website.

Cambium Support : The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.