cnMaestro 3.1.1 (On-Premises)


This document highlights new features and significant updates in cnMaestro On-Premises.

Important: Package Upgrade
cnMaestro On-Premises 3.1.1 is a Package release rather than a full OVA image. It must be applied on top of an existing 3.1.0 On-Premises installation.

Important: Web Browser
Restart your browser (or clear the browser cache with a hard reload) if you are having UI problems with the 3.1.1 version.

Improved Application Visibility at the Network Edge X3

cnMaestro X provides Wi-Fi application visibility for over 2,400 applications. This release adds application history support for System and Sites (in addition to the existing Client Devices). To review application usage history, navigate to Monitor and Manage and select a System or Site node. The Application History tab displays top applications, top clients, total bytes consumed, and percentage of traffic generated by the application.

Expanded Wi-Fi 6/6E Portfolio

Full management for XE3-4, XE5-8, and XV2-2T1 access points is now available in cnMaestro. The XE5-8 is an industry-exclusive 5-radio high density AP supporting 15.6 Gbps total Wi-Fi bandwidth. The two XE-series access points support Wi-Fi 6E with software-defined radios (SDRs) selectable between 5 GHz and 6 GHz operation. The XV2-2T1 is an ultra-long-range outdoor Wi-Fi 6 AP with integrated 120-degree sectored antennas capable of client connections over 1 km in distance. To configure the SDRs on the XE-series APs, navigate to the AP Group > Radio page. In the Software Defined Radios section, you can configure software definable radios for the XV3-8, XE3-4, and XE5-8 access points.

Wi-Fi 6E Migration Assistant

As the number of Wi-Fi 6E clients increases, the new Wi-Fi 6E Migration Assistant can help manage this transition using a set of helpful widgets:

  1. The Connected 6E Client Capability widget tracks clients and recommends when it may be appropriate to switch SDR radios from 5 GHz to 6 GHz.

  2. The Client Capability History widget tracks client capabilities over time to visualize 6E client trends. (This assists with the decision to change 5 GHz radios to 6 GHz radios.)

To view these widgets, navigate to Monitor and Manage and select a Site. These two widgets indicate the device capabilities of the connected clients. When the 6E Clients on the non-6 GHz Radios indicator starts to climb, it is time to consider changing SDR radios to 6 GHz. Click the Learn more link for more information about the details of your client device capabilities.

Increased ePSK Scale X3

ePSK provides individualized, secure credentials that simplify onboarding and enable efficient roaming on a single SSID across an entire Wi-Fi network. With this release, Cambium has doubled ePSK scalability from 1,000 to 2,000 per AP and increased the total ePSK entries per account to 50,000.

To create ePSKs, navigate to Configuration Settings > AP Groups and WLANs > WLANs . Open an existing WLAN and go to the ePSK page. Click the Add New button. You can create ePSKs individually or in bulk, or you can import your own custom list of ePSK users. You also have the option of using a RADIUS server for authentication to scale even further.

Bulk Configuration of Access Points X3

cnMaestro X supports bulk AP configuration by importing a .csv file with Location, Management VLAN, Radios, and WLANs settings. To configure APs in bulk, navigate to Monitor and Manage > Site > APs > AP Configuration . Select the device type and the devices, then click the Configure button. Choose the AP Group from the dropdown window and expand Device Overrides. Finally, select the APs and click the Import button to import your custom settings.

Multi-Floor Sites X3

cnMaestro has updated Wi-Fi Site Floor Plans to support multiple floors for cnMaestro X customers.


Customers can add additional floor metadata (in preparation for later Wi-Fi Heat Map support).


Converged Management for Xirrus Wi-Fi X3

cnMaestro X manages Xirrus Wi-Fi APs together with Cambium’s wireless fabric in a single console. This provides investment protection for existing Xirrus customers migrating to Cambium’s converged Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions. Xirrus AP models supported in cnMaestro X include:

  • All XD-series
  • All XH-series
  • All XA-series
  • XR-series modular 11ac Wave 1/Wave 2
  • XR-620 and XR-630

Important: Software Requirements
Operation of Xirrus APs in cnMaestro X 3.1.1 requires AOS version 8.7 on the APs. If migrating Xirrus APs from XMS-Enterprise to cnMaestro X, XMS-Enterprise version 8.4 provides automated functionality to support configuration export. Both the AOS 8.7 and XMS-Enterprise 8.4 releases are planned for June 2022.

Improved 60 GHz cnWave Visibility X3

cnMaestro X improves monitoring and troubleshooting of links and activity on cnWave 60 GHz networks. You can easily visualize a network’s RF channel plan (color-coded) and Golay code assignments, plus real-time uplink and downlink RF link performance KPIs including RSSI, MCS, SNR, and more.

To view the cnWave 60 GHz network, Navigate to the Map side tab and select the E2E Network to review. In the configuration panel on the right side of the page, access the Device Overlay view, where you can enable visualization of the status of devices, the channel and polarity of the radios, and the sector of the radio. You can also access a Link Overlay view, which presents the Status, Golay, SNR, MCS, RSSI, and Link Fade margin on the different links in your 60 GHz network.

60 GHz cnWave Improvements

Below are the improvements in 60 GHz cnWave

  • Network Level Auto-Refresh : The Auto Refresh option refreshes statistics automatically for Links and Nodes for 5 minutes. By default, the Refresh Interval is 10 seconds. This option is available on the E2E Network > Links > Statistics and E2E Network > Statistics pages.


  • Onboard E2E to External E2E Migration : You can migrate an Onboard E2E Network to External E2E network by following simple steps.


  • Link Events Redesign and Improvements : Link Events provide the details of hourly link availability timeline, percentage availability, and distance.


  • Additional Performance Statistics : Below are the new graphs added:

    • Sector and Ethernet Throughput (Rx/Tx)


  • Scan Beams (Rx/Tx)

  • Management Link Up and Delta (Link Up/Link Available)


  • Link Fade Margin (for devices running 1.2.2)

BER Information for PMP SMs

The BER (Bit Error Rate) information is added to SM dashboard and performance graphs.



Additional Statistics for PMP 450m

The below statistics are added for PMP 450m:

  • SU-MIMO Frame Utilization
  • MU-MIMO Frame Utilization
  • Multiplex Gain


ePMP Installation Summary X3

The PMP Installation Summary has been extended to ePMP. In combination with cnArcher, cnMaestro X simplifies the ePMP SM installation process by automatically pushing information from cnArcher to cnMaestro X when the ePMP SM is deployed.

Administrator Authentication using OpenID Connect and SAML X3

Administrators can login to cnMaestro X On-Premises using Open ID Connect or SAML. Authentication and authorization with OpenID Connect identity servers and SAML identity providers such as OKTA and CyberArc are supported. To configure cnMaestro X to integrate with a third-party identity provider, navigate to Administration > Users > Authentication and select either OpenID Connect or SAML.


Map Enhancements X3

The Terrain view support is added to the map options.


Map View for cnMatrix, Sites and Wi-Fi APs

The Map View with basic features is added to cnMatrix, Sites, and Wi-Fi APs.


Increase in Supported Device Limit X3

The supported device limit is increased from 10,000 to 25,000. Device counts beyond 10,000 are available only in cnMaestro X.

API Updates X3

The Swagger documentation for the updated RESTful API is available at:

New APIs

Path Details
POST /api/v2/devices/{mac}/cli Initiate device CLI command execution. This API is supported only on Enterprise Wi-Fi and cnMatrix devices.
GET /api/v2/devices/{mac}/cli Returns result of device CLI command output. This API is supported only on Enterprise Wi-Fi and cnMatrix devices.

Supported Cambium Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products. The software versions are the minimum required to use cnMaestro (not the recommended versions).

Family Model Version
60 GHz cnWave V1000 1.0
V2000 1.2.2
V3000 1.0
V5000 1.0
cnMatrix EX2K/EX1K 2.0.4-r1
cnPilot Home cnPilot R200, R200P 4.4.2-R2
cnPilot R201, R201P 4.4.2-R2
cnPilot R190V, R190W 4.4.2-R2
cnPilot R195P 4.5.2
cnPilot R195W 4.7
cnRanger Sierra 800
Tyndall 101
Tyndall 201
cnReach N500 5.2.17e
cnVision Hub 360r, FLEXr 4.6
Client Micro, Mini, Maxr 4.6
Enterprise Wi-Fi cnPilot e400/e500 2.5.2-r3
cnPilot e410/e430w/e600 3.5.2-R4
cnPilot e501S/e502S 3.2.1-r6
cnPilot e700 3.8
cnPilot e425/e505 4.0-r17
cnPilot e510 3.11.4-r9
XV3-8 6.0
XV2-2T0 6.1
XV2-2T1 6.4.1-r15
XV2-21X 6.5-r15
XV2-22H 6.5-r15
XV2-23T 6.5-r15
XE3-4 6.4
XE5-8 6.4.1-r15
ePMP 1000 Hotspot ePMP 1000 Hotspot 2.5.2-r3
ePMP ePMP 1000, Force 180/200 2.6.2
ePMP 2000 3.0.1
ePMP Elevate XM/XW 3.2
ePMP Force 190 3.5
ePMP Force 300 4.1
ePMP PTP 550 4.1.1
ePMP Force 130 5 GHz 4.3.2
ePMP 3000L 4.3.2
ePMP Force 130 2.4 GHz 4.4
ePMP Force 300-19, 19R, 13 4.4
ePMP 3000 4.4.1
ePMP PTP 550 E 4.4.2
ePMP MP 3000 4.5
ePMP Force 300-13L 4.5.2
ePMP Force 300-13LC, 22L, 25L 4.6
ePMP Force 200L 4.7.0
ePMP 4000, Force 400 GPS, 400 CSM, 425 5.1.0
PMP PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 450m, PMP 430 SM 15.0.1
PTP 450, and PTP 450i 15.0.1
MicroPoP Omni/Sector 16.2.1
PTP PTP 650 01-47
PTP 670 (650 Emulation) 01-47
PTP 670, PTP 700 02-67
Xirrus (Enterprise Wi-Fi) XA4-240 8.7.0
XD2-230 8.7.0-r8168
XD2-240 8.7.0-r8168
XD4-130 8.7.0-r8168
XH2-120 8.7.0-r8168
XR-630 8.7.0-r8168
XR-620 8.7.0-r8168
XR-2436 8.7.0-r8168
XR-2426 8.7.0-r8168
XR-4436 8.7.0-r8168
XR-4426 8.7.0-r8168
XR-2226 8.7.0-r8168
XR-2236 8.7.0-r8168

Supported Browsers

cnMaestro supports the following browsers:

Platform Browser Version
Linux Firefox 45 and above
Chrome 49 and above
MacOS Safari 9 and above
MS Windows Internet Explorer Deprecated
Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0
Firefox 45 and above
Chrome 49 and above

Significant Fixes in Package Releases

The following issues have been fixed:

Release 3.1.1-r50

Id Details
CNSSNG-25728 Reporting layer crashed due to ClickHouse Query Failure (mesh client).
CNSSNG-26127 Link direction legends show reversed values in performance graphs.
CNSSNG-26183 System level maps loading issue.
CNSSNG-26243 Links statistics missing in Maps when more than 100 links are present in E2E topology.
CNSSNG-26286 Incorrect Link Availability seen for last 24 hours and last 2 days.
CNSSNG-26312 Failed to fetch nodes configuration for V2000 if layer 2 bridge is enabled.
CNSSNG-26343 Cannot remove AP Group mapping from device using NBI API.
CNSSNG-26720 Channel details displayed as ‘0’ and sector stats are missing for V2000 device.
CNSSNG-26751 In reports, Aux status and Main status show incorrect details for V2000.
CNSSNG-26760 In Cloud, V2000 device model displayed as V1000 in Top Nodes list.
CNSSNG-26805 For V2000 PoP node, OOB interface is not available in cnMaestro.
CNSSNG-26940 Switchport page is not loading properly.
CNSSNG-27079 In Network configuration for V2000, ‘enable AUX port power’ and ‘Relay Port Interface’ options are missing.
CNSSNG-27117 Top busy point-to-multipoint APs broken at Network level.
CNSSNG-27129 In reports, latitude-longitude values are interchanged.

Release 3.1.1-r8

Id Details
CNSSNG-10114 AP Groups reports page, clients and mesh peers are not available.
CNSSNG-13047 Device PUT NBI API not consistent with GET NBI API.
CNSSNG-14233 Wifi performance’ learn more is not redirecting as expected.
CNSSNG-15375 NBI API: update cnPilot home schema to support template-based configuration.
CNSSNG-15657 Router Slowing down the failover during the cnmaestro image update.
CNSSNG-17117 AF - cnMatrix having issue with cnRouter and remaining in connecting issue due to “LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_CONNECTION_ERROR”
CNSSNG-19292 WLAN import fails for MSP account scope if ePSK entries are present.
CNSSNG-19975 Special characters like '"/?=-+ are allowed in ePSK CSV import.
CNSSNG-21486 Support to add WLAN VLAN as part of device report.
CNSSNG-21968 “WIFI_CLIENT_AUTH_SUCCESS” Event is not listed under Name filters under events.
CNSSNG-22207 Rate limit per client needs to match with the device support.
CNNSNG-22423 cnMaestro does not allow to add more than one Passpoint 3GPP (MCC/MNC) entries.
CNSSNG-22693 Critical alert notifications for SM grant suspension do not have SM details.
CNSSNG-22765 CBRS deregistration has system collection reference; validation mapper need correction.
CNSSNG-22886 Issue onboarding instance into Cloud Anchor account.
CNSSNG-23061 Unable to generate ePSK via cloud WLAN profile.
CNSSNG-23107 ePMP AP Frame Utilization is not updated.
CNSSNG-23126 Wi-Si security option showing only open with Firefox browser.
CNSSNG-23342 The client’s section under Reports disappears if you navigate to a 60 GHz network.
CNSSNG-23514 AOS/cnMaestro-X] - AOS AP - Configuration push - Location not displayed in Details page.
CNSSNG-23538 Cancel button is not working while creating a Site.
CNSSNG-23962 MSP User redirection is not happening properly from MSP account level.
CNSSNG-24052 Links Import button is grayed out when trying to upload a file which changed the format from numbers to CSV.
CNSSNG-24613 Y-axis of Tx Packet Error Ratio shows same value in performance graph.
CNSSNG-24896 Reboot all cnPilot e-series devices before software upgrade.
CNSSNG-24933 ePMP CPU Performance Graph plotting should be in sync with device values.
CNSSNG-25535 gaAuth Status shown as integers instead of string.
CNSSNG-25538 Epmp Reboot Issue in the production
CNSSNG-25546 Add detail to MIN_FW_VER Alarm.
CNSSNG-25586 PDF Vouchers not displaying in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
CNSSNG-25589 Clicking offline icon doesn’t display offline devices.

Known Issues

The following issues exist:

Id Issue Details
CNREACH-139 Radio Software Update is not happening for EP-based devices.
CNSSNG-4083 DHCP errors after cnMaestro reboot When cnMaestro On-Premises is rebooted, after Data Import, sometimes DHCP and Disk Errors are encountered.
Workaround: Explicitly run the dhclient command from the Command Line (accessed through the CLI) after reboot to assign the IP address.
CNSSNG-5365 RADIUS Proxy drops packets after retrying exhausted After RADIUS Proxy Retries are exhausted in cnMaestro On-Premises, all subsequent RADIUS packets are dropped.
Workaround: Reboot cnMaestro server.
CNSSNG-9631 High Availability: Network cable unplug: Device count is taken from Primary and jobs/users list is taken from Secondary.
CNSSNG-9632 High Availability: Network cable unplug: Devices onboarded during network disconnect need to be reapproved by user.
CNSSNG-10145 Certificate exports are not part of Data Backup and Restore. Certificates must be exported manually.
CNSSNG-10187 During Migration, moving, or deleting a device from the Managed Account will mark all events and alarms as undefined once Migration has completed.
CNSSNG-11299 AP Regulatory Channel list support check needed for checking valid channels.
CNSSNG-11389 Microsoft Edge Browser does not support in system OVA file upgrade. Workaround : Use the Google Chrome browser
CNSSNG-11987 Failed - Bad Certificate errors while downloading the generated report after a period of report generation.
CNSSNG-12812 cnPilot R-series dual radio devices (r-201P, r-195W) AP Group country code/SSID configured from overrides getting applied only to 2.4 GHz radio.
CNSSNG-12888 Connected Clients count in the WLAN page is not properly shown when SSID is overridden for the WLAN at Device level.
CNSSNG-13054 Mismatch in Clients count for cnPilot E-series device at WLAN and AP Group configuration level.
CNSSNG-14030 CBRS race condition: SM “stuck” in cnMaestro during reparenting if import and start occurs as SMs arrive in onboarding queue Workaround : To avoid this issue, follow the suggested SM reparenting procedures listed in the latest version of Cambium CBRS standalone procedures document.
CNSSNG-14518 Device Type selection needs to be provided at Site and AP Group for Report generation.
CNSSNG-14932 PMP/ePMP Configuration Backup: LAST BACKUP date and time is not updating if device under an MSP account.
CNSSNG-15432 Deleting a device in Base Infrastructure and claiming it immediately to another Managed Account returns Device Registration Failed message.
CNSSNG-15595 cnMatrix Hostname fall backs to old Hostname if the template is pushed for the first time (if a Switch Group already exists).
CNSSNG-15656 Duplicate entries observed in 802.11ax Clients Report.
CNSSNG-15838 Issues related to Monetization Subscription Events.
CNSSNG-16019 Subscriptions are not listed in the correct order.
CNSSNG-16197 CBSDID search will not work when device was synced from tool without obtaining grant first. Workaround : Perform CBSDID search from domain proxy view on Cloud to obtain mac address, then perform MAC address search on tool to find the device.
CNSSNG-17011 After the migration completed for PPPoE with server update, devices still show in sync. Workaround : User must manually apply the AP Group again on devices with minor changes to the AP Group.
CNSSNG-18710 Tier issues related to 450i, 450i AP, and 450i SM.
CNSSNG-18856 cnVision Client is not shown under hub. Workaround : Reboot the client
CNSSNG-18913 On resizing, the graph/widgets are not properly rendering.
CNSSNG-18923 After migration Reports Job page is empty due to cached data. Workaround : Clear Cache and Cookies after migration.
CNSSNG-18927 Configuration push from Onboarding page is getting device timeout error in ePMP 1000 Hotspot device.
CNSSNG-18936 Graph plotting is empty if the page is zoomed out/in.
CNSSNG-19264 Unmanaged expired device approve button is not disabled.
CNSSNG-19273 Expired Wi-Fi devices are not handled for AP Group dashboards and tree level.
CNSSNG-19274 Expired devices count should not be added to connection health graph.
CNSSNG-19275 Issues related to Offline alarm of expired devices.
CNSSNG-20508 Last Super Administrator deletion should be shown proper error message.
CNSSNG-20605 User-Defined Overrides (Advanced) should be handled from Switch Groups > Switches > Actions > Configuration tab.
CNSSNG-20745 AP Count is -1 in Anchor when deregistering the device from Anchor.
CNSSNG-20820 After server upgrade, device throws error [Invalid CBSD ID and Grant ID], even the Domain Proxy shows the device is registered.
CNSSNG-21068 Not able to deregister or delete the SM when PMAC mismatched (SM reported different PMAC) Workaround: Reinitialize the SM from inside the sector of the AP, not by directly searching for the SM in the tool; then deregister and delete the device.
CNSSNG-21264 Auto refresh is not working when Site/Tower/Device details are updated in Network level map.
CNSSNG-21271 Map: SM status is missing in AP details.
CNSSNG-21345 RF Statistics related information should not be available in reports for XV type device.
CNSSNG-21396 Issues related to cnMatrix onboarding overrides.
CNSSNG-21443 System generated critical alarms are not counted for Aggregation.
CNSSNG-21703 SM icon is missing in Network-level Maps.
CNSSNG-22089 New Changes in Clients report in 3.1.0.
CNSSNG-23732 Min Data Rate and Multicast Data Rate configuration push always sets default for both bands.
CNSSNG-24487 AP Group Migration issues from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 Workaround: clear cache after upgrade to 3.1.1 from 3.1.0 for the overrides to reflect properly
CNSSNG-24529 Multi-floor issue with Firefox browser.
CNSSNG-24649 Others filter is not working for old events.
CNSSNG-24734 WIDS data missings after Migration from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 on-premises.
CNSSNG-24750 Node Performance graphs plot with 5 minutes delay.
CNSSNG-24823 Device overrides and config apply will not work after Migration from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 due to cache.
CNSSNG-24826 Site Floorplan: in Edit mode, able to drag devices outside the boundary without an error.
CNSSNG-25071 If ePSK entries exist under an MSP WLAN, then upon disabling MSP in the account, the MSP WLAN ePSK count persists.
CNSSNG-25150 AOS device Configuration Job times out if Device is in DHCP.
CNSSNG-25238 AOS device WebSocket does not disconnect for an X account downgraded to Pure ESS after Retention expired.
CNSSNG-25264 Bulk edit tab at radios is removed/hidden in 3.1.1 release.
CNSSNG-25302 cnVision Frame Utilization DL is not shown and ePMP frame util uplink is reflecting as N/A in dashboard.
CNSSNG-25370 On-Premises Cambium ID is not updated with the newly connected Anchor account: previous Cambium ID displays in cnMaestro On-Premises and Device UI.
CNSSNG-25555 Events not listed when Network or system is combined with any other filter as source type.
CNSSNG-25580 Classification of On-premise migration for Configuration and long term historical data.
CNSSNG-25586 PDF Vouchers not displaying in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
CNSSNG-25587 cnVision Hub Retransmission UL values not shown in performance graphs.
CNSSNG-25657 In Link Events, complete block is not highlighted while hovering from second blocks.
CNSSNG-25658 Observing white space when collapse/expand device tree in Links events chart.
CNSSNG-25787 Link List page does not refresh if link creation failed while importing link.
CNSSNG-25812 When trying to update the name of the Site, all fields under configuration page are empty if E2E Network name contains special characters (@#).
CNSSNG-25813 cnWave → Node>Configuration>Radio, the IBF Transmit Power does not update as expected.

Where to Get Help

There are several places to get help with cnMaestro.

Cambium Community : The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

On-Premises Quick Start Guide : This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboard quickly. It is embedded into the cnMaestro image and can be accessed on the Home Page of the UI. It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cambium Support website.

Cambium Support : The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.

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I thought the 800 series PTPs would have firmware to support this by now…

Yeah… I think they gave up on cnMaestro support for PTP8x0 products. I haven’t heard any updates in years regarding this. They did finally add support for PTP670, but it’s very limited, you can only monitor the radio and nothing else.

Actually, we have plans on suporting PTP8xx in the near future! I’ll let someone from the cnMaestro team provide more details…


Hello Eric,

There will be PTP 820/850 cnMaestro support in the coming months; I’m under the impression it’s in Beta right now! It’ll be a part of cnMaestro 3.2.

In terms of features, I’ve heard it’s got historical performance recording, alarm status, radio status and configuration (XPIC), and also current throughput, bandwidth, etc.

This will be a Read-Only solution for now, similar to the PTP 670.

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Any idea if this will also require a firmware update on those radios OR will this just be using SNMP or some other existing way to poll the data from these radios?

It’ll require Firmware 11.9 atleast.

In the new version if has the SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO, and the Multiplex Gain graphing. What are these actually graphing?
I looked through the release notes and the Manual and didn’t see anything in the either. If i overlooked it please let me know. Thanks

Yes, cnMaestro is graphing performance over time for SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO, and Multiplexing Gain stats.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Dear Team

I have been trying to follow the steps mentioned above trying to upgrade my cnMaestro on premise software version from

to the latest version 3.1.1r8 package.

But in an attempt to do so I got this complain

Secondly i tried the exact version I was asked to upload by the app. And i still got an error message saying

Please I need help what next can I do.

I really want to upgrade my cnMaestro on premise to the latest version

Hi @KOwopetu123

Could you please create a support case in ?

I would do it in steps. Go to a 2.x version first, verify everything looks ok, then go to 3.x.

Yes I tried it steps by step it didn’t work at all.

Pls I am available anytime you are ready. You can guide me through on how to perform this cnMaestro upgrade

@KOwopetu123 Careful it’s not enough to go from 1 to 2 to 3. Read through the release notes theirs intra-steps even along the way from 2.0 to 2.whatever, when i went from a old 2 release i had to step through several updates, and from 1.x you might need to do an OVA update first.

Seems to be some bugs in the new PMP450m graphs as you can see…

  1. Kbps instead of % shown on utilizations
  2. Multiplexer gain shows percent but its actually a multiplier X… The value also seems to not be divided by 100 so instead of seeing the standard 1.5 we’re seeing 150.

The updates seem to have an annoying bug present on the on-premises still…

After upgrading all of our RestAPI keys are only giving 1 usage and the next request will show -1 available api requests, it goes from 700+ available to -1 with only 1 request being made, this happened last few upgrades. Last time it fixed itself eventually not sure why, this time i tried to create a new api key but didn’t solve the issue still after the first request it gives a rate limit exceeded, then after 60 seconds i can make 1 request again… Hopefully it clears itself and starts working correctly tomorrow.

unfortunately, lately with each update of cnmaestro more bugs are added than features.

With 3.1.1-r8 it became unusable: the auto-refresh of page takes me to the dashboard every 30 seconds and the towers navigation menu close all sub-menu or autoscroll.

In addition the cpu graphs are now wrong.

These are just some the biggest problems we have found.

Please fix them, thanks.

Yup - rolled back to 3.1.1-r1 because r8 is too buggy.


Have you tried erasing the browser cache after updating to 3.1.1?

Thank you @Jordan for your reply.

Of course, I’ve also tried different browsers without success