cnMaestro 4.1.0-r3 On-Prem PTP670 support

Does cnMaestro 4.1.0-r3 On-Prem support PTP670?
If not, what firmware on the PTP670 supports cnMaestro.

I’m pretty sure that cnMaestro 4.1.x supports PTP670. I’m not sure what PTP670 firmware version introduces cnMaestro support, but I do know that the latest version supports it.


Thanks Eric for the prompt feedback

Yes PTP670 is supported in cnMaestro 4.1.0-r3
PTP670 firmware versions : 50670-03-60, 50670-03-65 and any latest versions are supported in cnMaestro.


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Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.