cnMaestro 5.0.0 (AMI) Release Notes


cnMaestro 5.0.0-r5 is available as a Community AMI in AWS. Please see the Release Notes posted with the OVA Upgrade for an overview of all changes.

Important: AMI Hosting
cnMaestro AMI was previously distributed through AWS Marketplace. Since the release of 3.2.0, a license is now required for cnMaestro X features. This license cannot be purchased through AWS Marketplace, so AMIs must now be released through the AWS Community.

The AMI IDs listed below are available in three regions, but they are copied to other regions using the AWS Web UI: EC2 > AMIs > [select AMI ID] > Actions > Copy AMI > [select Region].

AMI Name Region AMI ID
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-5.0.0-r5 ap-northeast-1 ami-064e4608b8b149d39
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-5.0.0-r5 eu-west-1 ami-067bc2c06ed61a356
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-5.0.0-r5 us-east-1 ami-0ab824666d1b925a2

Important: AMI Hosting
Please search for AMIs using the AMI ID and validate the ID before use.


Document Details
Release Notes Shared with cnMaestro 5.0.0-r5 OVA
cnMaestro AMI User Guide User Guide for deploying the AMI
EULA End User License Agreement
cnMaestro Documentation Link to Cambium Support Center

Where to Get Help

There are several places to get help with cnMaestro.

Cambium Community: The cnMaestro Community provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

Cambium Support Center: Support Center hosts the User Guide and the latest on-premises downloads.

Cambium Support: The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.