cnMaestro 5.0.0 (Cloud) Release Notes Addendum: RV22

Release Notes Addendum
The RV22 Home Mesh AP was added to cnMaestro 5.0.0 after initial release.

RV22 Home Mesh Device Support and Subscriber Services

The RV22 Home Mesh is released in tandem with the cnMaestro Subscriber mobile application and a new Managed Subscribers managed service configured through cnMaestro. The basic architecture is the following:


The cnMaestro Subscriber mobile application allows home customers to manage RV22 devices using their cell phones. In the graphic above, the Subscriber is demarcated by the SM CPE. Alternatively, it could be mapped to a PON ONU, or to no explicit backhaul at all. In the latter case, the Subscriber would be attached to a new cnMaestro Home Site.

Subscriber Workflow

The workflow for creating and onboarding Subscribers, so customers can use the mobile application, has a cnMaestro (blue) and a customer (purple) component, as depicted below.


A Subscriber is configured in cnMaestro, and an invite is sent to the customer’s email address, which will enable home Wi-Fi management using the mobile application. The customer needs to download the cnMaestro Subscriber application from the Apple or Android App Store. The “Site” in the application, which maps to the Subscriber, can be customized and branded.

Mobile Application

The cnMaestro Subscriber app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

RV22 Home Mesh Support

The following monitoring and management functionalities are available for RV22 Home Mesh devices.

Feature Details
Onboarding Supported using Cambium ID or Serial Number (MSN).
Dashboard Dashboards tailored for Home Site and RV22 Home Mesh.
Configuration Available through RV22 Home Mesh AP Groups.
Details Overview and network information display.
Notifications Alarms, AP Events, and Wi-Fi Events aggregated at System, Managed Account, Network, Site, and Device levels.
Performance WAN Throughput, Wireless Throughput (downlink/uplink), Clients by Band, Noise Floor, Interference, and Airtime (2.4/5 GHz) performance graphs.
Statistics System, Managed Service, and Network statistics available.
Software Update Software update provided at System, Managed Account, Network, Site, and Device levels.
Maps Location of Home Sites and Devices.
Clients Both Wired and Wireless Clients supported at Site and Device levels.
Tools Status, Debug, Network Connectivity, Wi-Fi Analyzer, Speed Test, and Packet Capture tools available.
Reports Data Reports downloaded from the System, Managed Service, Network, and Site levels.


Sample Dashboards are listed below. The other features are comparable to existing Wi-Fi device integrations.

Home Site


RV22 Home Mesh


Managed Services

The cnMaestro Managed Services side-tab has been updated to include two options:

Managed Accounts

This is the current Managed Service Provider feature (the name will be changed to Managed Account in the next release). It allows an ISP to assign separate cnMaestro accounts to their users.

Managed Subscribers

This is a new feature that works in tandem with the cnMaestro Subscriber mobile application, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A Subscriber represents a home installed with RV22 devices and managed through the cnMaestro Subscriber application.

Onboarding RV22 Home Mesh Device

The RV22 Home Mesh device can be onboarded and attached to a specific Subscriber using the Managed Subscribers page.


Managed Subscribers Workflow (for RV22 Home Mesh Devices)

Create a Subscriber Service Profile

The Subscriber Service Profile is a shared configuration that specifies uplink/downlink goals and baseline AP configuration. It also has a branding component that is displayed in the mobile application. Navigate to Managed Services > Managed Subscribers > Subscribers Service Profiles and select Add New to create a Subscriber Service Profile.

Note the AP Groups available for Device Configuration need to be created ahead-of-time for RV22 Home Mesh devices at Configuration > Wi-Fi Profiles.


Subscriber App Branding

Select the Subscriber App Branding button to edit the mobile branding options: company name, logo, and support contact information and hours.


The branded updates to the mobile application are displayed on the right.


Add Subscriber

To add a new Subscriber, navigate to Managed Services > Managed Subscribers > Subscribers and click the Add New button. In the Add Subscriber window, enter Basic Information and click Next. An invite will be sent to the email specified once the Subscriber is created.


In the Service Configuration tab, select the Subscriber Service Profile created earlier, and optionally configure overrides for Radio, Network, etc, and click Save.


After saving, the Devices tab appears in the Add Subscribers window. To map the Subscriber to a specific location/home, use the Deployment Type to filter potential Subscribers by backhaul, which is defined as an ONU (Fiber), an SM (Fixed Wireless), or standalone (Home Site), then select from the list of entries and Save. You cannot change this selection once applied.


Under RV22 Home Mesh, click Add New to claim a new RV22 Home Mesh device or link an existing RV22 Home Mesh device from inventory.


RV22 Home Mesh devices are now assigned to the Subscriber.


Create a Home Site (optional step)

If you are not using an existing Fixed Wireless or Fiber backhaul, you can create a Home Site for Subscriber assignment. Site creation has been updated to support two options: Enterprise and Home. Select Home to create a Home Site to support the Subscriber workflow without Cambium backhaul.


Customer Workflow

When the Subscriber is created, cnMaestro sends the customer an email invitation with a code, which allows them to access the Subscriber account and manage devices mapped to it using the cnMaestro Subscriber mobile application. Clicking Accept in the email prompts the download of the mobile application from the respective app store. The customer must create a Cambium account to log into the app and start managing their Subscriber site.