cnMaestro™ Account Access

To get my cnMaestro login working

Working Login
A work colleague has logged on to this URL:

which is what I understand to be the cnMaestro portal (Q1 is this an accurate understanding?)
He has “invited” me to be a cnMaestro Administrator as per below:

Are the parameters above all correct?
Note1 - Username field is not populated (Q2a Does this matter/comments?)
Note2 My work email is defined correctly here (Q2b Comments?)
Note3 Role = Admin (Q2c Comments?)
Note4 Email field is not populated (Q2d Does this matter/comments?)
with my work email
Note5 Status = “Invited” (Q2e Comments?)
Note6 (Q2f I have partially blurred out a string here. It might be important

Now I log on to the same URL above and I get the form below.

I presume that I need to fill out this form in order to gain access to our cnMaestro Portal (Q3 True? Comments?)
Assuming so then
Note10 Q4 Cambium ID. What should I populate here? Maybe the string noted in Note6/Q2f above?
Note 11 Q5 Friendly Name. The field is prepopulated with my company name. Comments/instructions?
Notes 12/13 Easy
Note14/15 Q6 Seems I need to select one of these. NMS option correct?
Note16/17/18 Q7 Again seems I need to select one of these. Access/Backhaul option correct?

Appreciate any reply


Yes. When your work address was invited to the account, an email was sent to that address with a link to click to accept the invitation. I can see from our database that you have accepted the invitation (with your work address).

No, this form allows you to create a new cnMaestro tenant/portal/account (it’s difficult to know what word to use).

You should click the pull-down menu by your name at the top-right of that form. One of the entries will be the name of the portal that you are trying to access.

Thanks Simon I understand. “Instance” is a word that comes to mind

Cambium support explained that I had received an email invite which I found and followed.
Case closed.

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