cnMaestro Accounts in The Swift App

is it possible to import the existing cnMaestro accounts into the SWIFT app?
At the moment I can only create one account in the Swift app that I can use in cnMaestro but not the other way around?

No, that is not possible.

At a given time devices can only be managed by either the Swift app or through cnMaestro. You can migrate an account created under Swift to a cnMaestro managed one, but you can’t go the other way round as the Swift app is tailored to make certain simple use cases easy while cnMaestro has a much richer set of features and exposes a lot of added functionality that Swift does not handle.

To manage your existing devices through the Swift app, you would have to delete the devices from cnMaestro and then re-onboard them through the Swift app.

it is not yet possible to manage the devices through apps configured and managed with cnMaestro?