cnMaestro anchor account

currently we use a cnMaestro on-premise and upgraded it to v3. We have CBRS and use the cloud cnMaestro that. So it goes through the on-premise to get to the cloud to register.

Looks like v3 we NEED an anchor account for the on-premise. Would adding another account mess anything up with CBRS. Or could we make our current cloud into an anchor?

According to the release notes, the anchor account is optional in v3.0.0 on-prem.

Cambium is releasing a new type of Cloud Account called an Anchor Account.The Anchor Account exists alongside current NMS Accounts (which host cnMaestro Cloud). They are attached to cnMaestro On-Premises installations and have their own Cambium ID.In the future, all On-Premises deployments must be mapped to an Anchor Account; however, in cnMaestro 3.0.0, their use is optional. The User Guide provides details on how to create an Anchor Account and associate it to one-or-more cnMaestro On-Premises deployments.

Hi R4C_JosephI – in an upcoming release, we will add a new concept called an Organization, which groups multiple Cloud NMS and Anchor accounts together to optionally share Billing and/or CBRS SAS ID. This will be particularly useful to customers who are using the same SAS ID on devices managed across both Cloud and On-Premises deployments. Over time the features of the Organization will be enhanced to improve management across large installations. For 3.0, however, we have not turned it on. So please continue to use the current mechanism, which centers around the Cloud NMS account to maintain CBRS details. We will provide more information, including specifics on consolidation, as we near release.

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Hi Rob

At the moment we don’t have internet connectivity at all to our On-Premise deployment. We have recently upgraded to 3.0 and keep getting the pop-up saying it is not onboarded. I realise in future versions it will be a requirement but how do we disable the alert for now?


That sounds very maestroX, as in billable. Since it’s the type of thing business decisions may be built around, without granular detail, that is something users would need to know whether it is a pay for play functionality or not today. It seems resource intensive and maintenance intensive on the cambium staff, so it really sounds billable.