cnMaestro and pushing new certificates

Does anyone know if it is possible to use cnMaestro to provision/push/upload new certificates to PMP450 SM's?

I assume you are asking about the RADIUS certificate, correct?  

Check to see if you're able to apply new certificates via a configuration template push.  Below is the format of the template.  I recommend manually uploading your certificate(s) to a test SM first and then export the configuration file from that device either in the Unit Settings of the web UI or in cnMaestro with the View Device Configuration link in the device Configuration tab.  Use the settings from that exported file and remove everything except the parameters listed below.

I also included "authenticationKeyEncrypted" but am unsure if it is required.  Try pushing a configuration without it first.

	"userParameters": {
		"authenticationConfig": {
			"userAuthCertificates": [
				"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n ... \n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n",
				"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n ... \n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n"
			"authenticationKeyEncrypted": "..."

Apologies for the delayed response, I missed these replies.

I happened upon the certificate format in an export for a different template.  I was able to succesfully test that functionality.

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Glad you got it working.  Was "authenticationKeyEncrypted" also required?

I think that authenticationkeyencrypted is only used for the Pre-shared key feature; not the AAA.  It was in my test script but the authmode that I pushed in the test was AAA, so I think it would ignore the preshared key.

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