cnMaestro and WDS connected APs

I have multiple cnPilot R195 routers. The main router has a management interface that is on the same network as the SM so it can be managed remotely. This allows me to see it in cnMaestro populated under the SM. If I add another AP with WDS is there anyway to have it display in cnMaestro so I can manage the clients connected to it? When clients are connected to the second AP, cnMaestro does not display the clients under the main router even though the wireless clients are getting an IP from the main router. Would I have to add a management interface to the second AP that would somehow bridge the WDS connection to the same management network of the main router? That way the second router would be able to be managed remotely as well. I know I can do this without WDS and by using a ethernet cable but that won't be possible.


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I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.