CNmaestro Appears to Reboot APs Unnecessarily

Hey All,

So this morning one of my technicians was rounding up some firmware upgrades and decided to clean up some straggler APs that were in the wrong network group.  E.g. he navigated to:


Monitor Network->__AP_NAME__->Configuration->Network


He changed the AP network, and then applied the configuration separately for five different APs.  Two of these five APs subsequently rebooted with the following lines in their event logs:


03/07/2019 : 08:56:54 EST : :Forced reset;
03/07/2019 : 08:56:55 EST :
******System Startup******
System Reset Exception -- Reset by cnMaestro
Software Version : CANOPY 15.2.1 AP



So this brings up two questions: firstly, considering that this change was a purely cosmetic one for CNmaestro's benefit instead of an actual settings change in the AP itself, why would it execute a reboot command to the AP, and secondly why did it only execute a reboot to some APs and not others? 

If this is entirely intended behavior to execute an AP reboot without checking what settings were changed, I suppose an additional followup might be; why doesn't CNmaestro prompt you for acknowledgement/warning that the AP will be rebooted?  That might stave off some unnecessary business hours headaches.



Hi Jacob

Sorry for the inconvenience during the business hours. In general this shouldn’t happen but I am following up with my team on this to analyze what could go wrong.

Are you using cloud or On-Premises to manage your devices ?

Can you kindly share me the tech support file from the problematic APs which rebooted via private chat message.

Also send me details of config push you tried on those devices.


Hey Rupam,

Thanks for the quick repsonse: we are using CNmaestro on-prem version 2.1.0-r23; for the APs themselves would you prefer engineering.cgi or CNUT captures?

I have attached a screenshow of the CNmaestro interface - he only changed the Network group of the AP and hit the Apply Configuration button.

Thanks again,


Hi Jacob,

Thank you for the screenshot.  Was the Tower value set as well when updating the network or was it left at "None" both before and after clicking "Apply Changes"?

Hey Jordan,

Just spoke with the technician: he confirmed that the AP was in the default network with the tower set to None, and he then assigned it to our Amplex Towers network and to our Woodville tower; I apologize for that missing detail.

I didn't notice this myself because, funnily enough, the tower dropdown field value displays differently depending on how it loads: sometimes I load the AP's configuration page and the tower is set to None, sometimes I load the AP and tower is set to Woodville - this value continues to change, seemingly at random, as I load the page at different times - but that's it's own issue.


Thanks again,