CnMaestro - Authentication Methods

CnMaestro Authentication ways are( Social Login or SMS)

For Example if we do the authentication using SMS

Could we add some fields in the splash page or by any other way to collect more information

From the user ( his ID, email, home address, his job,…)

At the moment the only way to do this is to integrate a 3rd party captive portal solution. There are a number that work with cnMaestro.

Another potential option could be to direct a user to a survey hosted on a separate website after authenticating to the guest network. But of course this would make the survey optional as they already have access to the network.

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Thanks you for the good solution

is there a recommended or tested captive portal 3rd party !

We (the company I work for) have personally used/tested Encapto and that has worked well. It would also allow you to collect the data you require. Feel free to PM me if you would like more details.


There are others as well but none I have personally have experience with. Not sure if anyone else can put forward their recommendations?