cnMaestro Auto Provisioning

Hi we’re busy starting to rollout a whole bunch of really remote sites and a lot of times I only have remote cabling installers mounting or installing gear.I’ve been trawling through the docs to try and automate some of the processes to get equipment into groups somewhat automatically but can’t find much.

Is there a way to associate a default AP Group and Switch Group to a site object and when a device transitions from non associated or non configured state to inherit default configurations for their device types linked to these default groups ? Would save a ton of time being able to multi select a bunch of devices and be associated with their default groups per site.

Hi @djdrastic,

Yes, for On-Premises installations there is auto-provisioning as an X feature under Shared Settings > Auto-Provisioning.

Auto-provisioning rules can be created for, ePMP, PMP, cnPilot Home, cnVision, Enterprise Wi-Fi, and Enterprise Wi-Fi (Xirrus-Series) devices. cnMatrix is not supported at this time. Subnets are defined for rules so that devices of a specified type that connects can get assigned a managed account, network, tower/site, and apply a default AP Group/Template. The rules can also optionally auto-approve devices.

Thanks Jordan.

Any chance of bringing this feature out to cnMaestro X cloud ?
That looks pretty spot on to what we want.

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Any feedback on this ?
We would love to get this functionality on cnMaestro Cloud.


Raised enhancement request. Will keep you posted with updates.

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Is this available yet? still looks like a handy feature

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Auto Provisioning feature will be part of cnMaestro 5.1.0 cloud release. This will be released in May. This will continue to be a “cnMaestro X” feature even on cloud.


Hi Rajesh massive thanks for this.
Really looking forward to this.
My cabling installers hate waiting for a network tech to roll out configs when they’re trying to light up sites.