cnMaestro Auto Updating cnPilot R series devices

So, I have gone through the settings for setting up Auto Update and I can't find anything there, but for some reason cnMaestro is auto updating routers to 4.6-R16 (set as my recommended firmware). This would probably be alright, but it seems to schedule these updates at random times and I think customers are unplugging their device when it initiates an update in the middle of the day. I think, some of the devices are already on 4.6-R16 and are somehow getting scheduled to upgrade.

Any pointers on where I might be missing a setting? I don't recall ever turning a feature like that on (I very much preferr doing my updates by hand), but maybe I was being stupid and turned something on and now it's biting me in the butt.

I am running 2.3.0-r28 for cnMaestro self hosted and such. Any other details that might be pertinent or helpful for diagnostics I would be more then happy to supply.

There are two settings you should check.  The first is under Application -> Settings -> Software Images.  These settings define if devices should be automatically to a firmware version during onboarding or at a predefined time.

The second item to check is if your manually created jobs had the "Retry skipped/offline device(s) on reconnect" option enabled.  This is enabled by default.  You can check existing jobs in the Application -> Jobs -> Software Update section.  Click the "Show More" clipboard icon at the far right of a row to view its details.

I suspect this might be the scenario since you say these updates appear to be happening randomly.  This feature would get triggered when devices connect to cnMaestro.

Here is what I have right now:

Can I turn this off somehow? Or get some more controll over when it wants to update? My most recent devices have been connected to cnMaestro for several months, the device was working and reporting happily until the update was initiated in the middle of the day.

Software Update Jobs are completely empty. Nothing in Manual or Auto.

I really don't want to have to go to the dark ages of manual updates done through logging into each device, but if cnMaestro is going to do updates whenever it pleases this will get old quickly, especially if devices keep bricking mid update...

If devices are being updated there should at least be a job logged under the Manual or Auto tabs.  Were the updates you manually performed deleted?

You can disable the retry option when making manual software updates.  I recommend doing this from now on since the default is enabled.  I will check with my colleagues to see if there's a way to list the devices that are marked to automatically update upon reconnect.


Here is my Jobs list, everything is happy and done. I will make sure to turn off the checkbox, but TBH, this has happened on devices that I am pretty sure I have never run an update process on.

Software Update has 2 tabs "Manual" and "Auto" both of them are empty.

You can see if a device is marked to be upgraded upon connect in the device dashboard.  There will be an up arrow icon next to the software version in this case.


You can also check the last software update status in the Inventory view, which might be more helpful assuming any upgrades performed were with the default "Retry skipped" option left enabled.

In the inventory view click the column selector button at the top right and select "Last Software Update Status" and "Last Software Update Message".  If these columns show a "Skipped" message then the device is probably marked to be upgraded upon reconnect.  Use the column filter in the column title to filter only devices with the skipped message.  You can verify if they are marked for later upgrade in the device Dashboard.