cnMaestro Captive Portal On-Cloud doesn´t popup

I have configured two e501s for a public park, WLAN open. The two devices have static IPs but works with DHCP for the wireless users. I have any trouble with the connection, the only problem is when we enable the captive portal on-cloud of cnMaestro, doesn´t pop up in some android devices. And sometimes the captive portal doesn´t load, so the clients can’t connect to the network and looks like there’s no internet connection but we already make speedtest without the captive portal enable, and the speed is ok. So, I don’t know if there’s some problem with the DNS of the institution that requires this project or if there some option that could fix this slow access to the captive portal on-cloud.

Check here:

Yes, everything is fine there, for example, in my phone: a Huawei Y7 2019 the captive portal pops up automatically, but in other devices sometimes does and then it doesn’t, I don’t know if there’s some configuration I am missing or there’s something IT should do on the network to make this process of connecting to faster.

Is mandatory to have the latest version of software on the e501s?

What version is on yours 501 ?

It’s the 3.11.3-r7, I know there’s a new version, but I don’t know if that has something to do about the captive portal

Hi Juan Diego Tezén Maldonado,

  1. Make sure that you have uncheck “Bypass captive portal detection”.


  1. If the pop up does not work in very few devices, then it could be a problem with DNS also. When any client connects to a captive portal enabled wlan, to get auto-splash page android/apple will try different default URL.

So, to get the splash page, first DNS has to resolve for “”, Only when client gets IP address for that particular Default URL, it can go for TCP connection, then it will get temporary redirect. I guess this is the reason auto splash-page is failing to load. Kindly request admin to look at the DNS configuration.


  1. Kindly share the tech support of the device.
  2. Invite as a super admin into your cloud account to debug further.

Raja M

Hi @Juan_Diego_Tezen_Mal

My fix for this was to visit this website ( on almost every device that connected via captive portal. Please make sure you type the website or google search it and then click on the IGNOU Page. It has been very helpful for my public voucher kids.

Many Thanks
Nzuzo Boso

Why would this specific site help?

I am not sure why but it works.
Perhaps you could find more similar websites.