cnMaestro Captive Portal Sign-in Options

We're trying to configure the Captive Portal for use in an event facility. In addition to the social sign-in we'd like to add an option that people could give an email address instead - the demographics of the audiences are such that a Facebook or Google sign in can't be guaranteed and we don't want to restrict who can access the WiFi other than we would like to capture a bit of information about them. Is it possible?

Second, we would like to configure a "premium" account that can be used by vendors but would prefer to have a single password that we can change for each event rather than having to issue vouchers for every vendor at every event. Essentially, we want to ensure that vendors can access the network for transactions without worrying that the general public has swamped it.


Currently we don't have the ability to collect email addresses without using social login.

For your second requirement you have two options,

  • create a voucher plan with a session duration long enough to last till the end of the event. Set the device limit to be high enough so that all the vendors can use their devices. Generate one voucher and distribute that one voucher code to all vendors to share. You can delete the voucher after the event ends.
  • use the internal guest portal on a second SSID on the AP. Enable guest access on the WLAN. Set portal mode to interal access point. Set the access policy to local guest account. Set a username and password there. Distribute this username and password to the vendors. Note that the internal guest portal page is not as customizable as the cnMaestro hosted one. You can have one WLAN use the cnMaestro hosted guest portal and another use the internal AP portal

Thank you. There were enough hints in there to help me figure out a solution.