cnMaestro - CBRS - HTTP Proxy

Is there any documentation on setting up a http proxy for use with cnMaestro beta for CBRS? The documentation says that the proxy is not available in beta. Is that true?

cnMaestro on-premises users typically require change. The most common architecture is to add a NIC interface to the cnMaestro server and use cnMaestro as an HTTP proxy (not available for beta).

My AP's are all NAT'd.

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Yes,   HTTP proxy is supported for BETA use with CBRS.   Some documentation on setting that up can be found on pages 252 through 254 of the On-Prem user guide,  found here:

The same text is reprinted in the CBRS standalone procedurs guide as well - found at that same site.   Let me know if have some comments/feedback on that documentation.

Where did you see notes indicating it was not supported in BETA?   Let me know and we'll be sure to get that cleaned up to avoid confusion.