cnMaestro CBRS Registration Streamlining

There are a number of enhancements to the CBRS SM registration process in cnMaestro that we would like to see implemented to streamline the process for us further:

  1. Allow entry into the MAC address field to be more flexible. Specifically in our case being able to paste the 12 digit MAC address with no ‘:’ or ‘-’ and just the hex digits would be great.

  2. Redesign the entry form so that the Location / Antenna parameter sections do not need to be expanded. Each of these sections contain required fields and they cannot be expanded using keyboard only, forcing the use of a mouse to expand the sections.

  3. When the device type is selected it would be nice if fields were automatically filled in to save time entering the same information OVER AND OVER. For example the 450b High Gain radio would fill on 49 for the requested EIRP, 0 for the external antenna gain and 12 for the beamwidth.

All of these would help us to speed the entry process and get more customers onboarded. Thanks!