cnMaestro Cloud Alerts

Hi all, just curious if I did something wrong or not… I do not get alerts from maestro when cmm sync goes out of sync.

Hi @DigitalMan2020 ,

Could you please share few more details as below:

  1. Is the Minor alarm generated after device out of sync is still active?
  2. Email notification global check should be enabled
  3. Is the subscriber email configuration is reachable?

Please help us with the above data so that we can troubleshoot the issue more.


Hi, thank you for your reply…

  1. No
  2. Yes It is
  3. Yes it is

I should of elaborated, this is a TX2012RP switch using cnPulse feature with a cnPulse antenna. I have 4 epmp 3000 radios set to cmm in radio config to receive sync from switch. When the switch sync status goes to out of sync I do not get an alert email… I also do not receive an alert when the epmp 3000 lose gps sync.

Could you please send me an invite to
so that i can have a look at the current state of switch.


I have a 3ghz medusa being managed by the cloud and when I reboot it Maestro alerts me with a minor alert for gps out… this 450m is receiving cnpulse from a TX2028RFP switch. I will get you that invite.