cnMaestro Cloud Device (MAC: , SN: ) deletion failed. Child devices need to be deleted first

This AP exploded with lighting and I activated a back up AP to recover our services until the 450m could be replaced. I got it replaced and when I went to delete the old AP I get that error and I can’t delete the broken AP.

No child elements are on this AP and they’re all on another AP.

I was able to move them to the default network but it’s still Red and I can’t delete it.

No drop down for CPEs that are offline

I got with Cambium’s support and Kiran rocks and fixed the issue. problem solved.


This happened again and I don’t care for having to call support when this happens. Has anyone ever found out an easy way to find which child SM is holding this up? That way I can delete it and move forward with deleting an AP?