cnMaestro Cloud - email alert granularity and/or dependency configuration to avoid mail flood during a full-site outage

See subject.

Currently if I lose connectivity to a site that is in cnMaestro Cloud, I get anywhere from 15-50 separate emails about that site being offline. This site has something like 120 APs and 20-30 switches. Sometimes an email will have information about only one or two devices, other times the message seems to “batch” like 5-10 devices together.

Ideally, cnMaestro should understand the dependency tree here - if an AP is connected to a switch, and the switch is offline… I don’t also need alerts about all 5-6 APs on that switch.

If that can’t be done automatically, there should be some sort of system to recognize that there is a “massive outage” and chunk the alerts into one or two emails, instead of 30+ spread out over 3-7 minutes.

I rely on email alerts from the system as there is no other way to be notified about an outage, but the alert fatigue is a major hassle especially when I’m already aware that something is wrong but I continue to keep getting “pings” via email for the next 5-10 minutes.

What some systems I’ve worked with will do once a threshold of downed X devices / y time limit is reached, it will do a hold off of z seconds and send the total amount of downed devices in one single email instead of one individual mail one at a time.

I think this a great idea as every time I have a wan link up/down at smaller sites the NOC gets flooded with mails.

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