cnMaestro Cloud & PMP450

Forgive me for being too busy (or perhaps ignorant), but is the cloud version supporting PMP450 yet? I would like to give 3rd party support folks better visibility into our PMP networks.

I really don't have the time to deploy the on-premise version right now. Unless the cloud version still has a device number limitation...?

In Beta Cloud support is there already for PMP devices and you can add more than 1 device also.

where as in production cloud the PMP device limit is still one device only.

Please contact Emilio or Ajay Singh from cambium networks for an account in Beta Cloud .

I was asking about PMP450 support in cnMaestro Cloud because we don't run a VMware (or any other) virtualization environment. We simply don't need it. However, we do run a few servers at the NOC for some things.

So I managed to get cnMaestro On-Premise running on Hyper-V on our Windows Server 2012R2 machine. I was just not comfortable running this on VirtualBox. But I did use VBoxManage to convert the VMDK to VHD and it fired right up in Hyper-V. Configured networking, logged into the UI and applied the 1.3.0 update. Everything went surprisingly smooth.

Just wanted to throw this in here in case anyone else might have the same situation.