cnMaestro cloud upgrade


It still says: “The cnMaestro team is rolling out 2.4.2 updates
This server will be updated between Tuesday Night 10:30 PM and Wednesday Morning 02:30 AM Eastern Time on Oct 27 & 28.
There will be a brief period of disruption as the devices reconnect.”.

Today is Oct 29, info is still activate, and version is 2.4.1

Any update? Also change log for 2.4.2?

Mine says
Important: cnMaestro Update between Saturday Morning 01:30 AM and Saturday Morning 07:30 AM Eastern Time.

Hi All,

due to some reason we had to post pone the activity.
We are working on the Cnmaestro Update 2.4.2, we will complete the activity in this week end.

Our cloud cnmaestro has been updated to 2.4.2-r14. Since then getting emails all the time about AP’s disconnecting and reconnecting to it.

I managed to login to a couple whilst they were disconnected and they show a status of internal error.

They reconnected by themselves after a while. Have had 100’s of emails since Friday afternoon.

Anyone seeing the same issue


Got the same problem with cloud enviroment. A lot of e410, MicroPOP 3000, e50x has a problem with connecting to the cloud.
AP status is still “Resolving URL”. I need to restart for the hardware to see the cloud :frowning:
Before last update of cnMaestro in the cloud everything working fine.

I just checked, we have version 2.4.2-r14| with e600 and have no problem at this moment.

What solved for us was blocking internet access to all 90 AP’s at firewall for a few minutes. Then allowing them to reconnect. Since then, no futher issues.

Any update about release notes for new version of cnmaestro?