cnMaestro - cnMatrix SNMP Location Override with Switch Group

Hi just checking if anyone here knows how to override SNMP location attributes per switch/ap/p2p via cnMaestro ? We put in the name of the cabinet the switch resides in, which follows a company-country-region-site-cabinet style name, so we can track equipment in a certain site or rack via our NMS.

By default SNMP location defaults to “Cambium Networks 3800 Golf Road, Suite 360 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 USA” via sysLocation.0 from what I can tell.I can go and override that via CMD but then I’ll eventually get out of sync errors which I want to avoid.

I know there is a beta for User Defined Overrides but how would I override that per switch ? Some cust locations are large with 60-100 cabs on site. It does feel like an additional tab needs to be added to Configuration tab on the devices to set this per device parameter. Perhaps a hidden tab or breadcrumb like SNMP_Overrides or the like ?

Hi djdrastic,

Yes, User Defined Overrides in Advanced Configuration for APs/Switch and Templates for backhaul devices are what you’d use to set per-device configuration. In both cases replacement variables are what you’d use to set per-device values.

Are you asking if there is an easier way to set values en masse instead of having to visit a page for each device? A method to import replacement variables is being considered for a future release.

With the latest release the best option is to set variables from the mass configuration view or to set replacement variable values via the API. More information can be found on the API with the Try It Out link on the API page. Full Swagger documentation is available there.

The mass configuration view can be found at the system/network/tower/site level Configuration tab. Each row has a gear icon on the right side that lets you set per-device values. A template of AP Group must be selected first to enable the gear.

Hi Jordan I finally had some time to tinker around and play around.For reference we are using a cloud account so I couldn’t really tinker with the API side of things as I understand API isn’t yet usable at this stage for the cloud service.

For the life of me I could not get the user overrides to fire on the cnMatrix switches.I’ve used user overrides on the AP’s before and they worked as long as you get the ! in the right place they will generally fire off. According to the note on the user override field on the cnMatrix switches it says " Note: The minimum device software version required for this feature is ‘4.0’. " . From what I can tell the latest available firmware through the cloud portal is 3.2.1-r5 ?

Have tried options like the following in UDO

system location “CabinetA”


system location “CabinetA”

But doesn’t seem like it configures anything.

Not sure what I’m missing tbh.

Hi djdrastic,

I’ve reached out to some of our engineers to verify that 4.0 is indeed the minimum device software version and when this version may be available. I’ll follow up here once I have more information for you.

User-defined overrides are not available for cnMatrix until device version 4.0.