cnMaestro + cnPilot E400. External Captive. WalledGarden issue

Hi colleagues,

I faced an issue with external captive portal integration.
I've followed official docs and developed external portal that can support all the requirements of Cambium.
However, the media (pictures) don't load on the login page. 
I've added all the necessary domains to the WalledGarden (it works for integrations with other vendors 100% - as I faced this issue in the past).
So, my question is - maybe there are some known issues with Walled Garden in E400 SW version - 4.0-r17 ?
maybe I have to force enable loading it ? change firmware?

also, only HTTPS redirection works more or less fine (without pictures), I can pass authentication.
HTTP hangs on loading pictures ( and it works fine only if I have requested pictures in browser cache (
pls, give advice, I spent few days battling with this stuff..

I've attached pics with config (except redir URL)

Hi Nikita,

           Todays pages have lot of internal redirects which inturn does a GET and load the full page. Please open the browser console while accessing the page (cntr+shift+I) and add all the GET page requests in the whitelist. This will fix your issue.