CnMaestro + CnPilot GRE Tunnel

I am working on wlan configuraiton which tunnels business traffic back and terminates on CnMaestro. The tunnel config shows GRE up. Some packets in and few back out. The VM/AP list things as working however I cannot ping with static on client Laptop to the the gateway IP on the LAN. I am tagging the appropriate vlan in the ap wifi config however no traffic seen on the LAN from host wifi laptop. I am working to validate the trunking configuration from vmhost to network switch as its at a remote data center. I am looking for documentation on debugging from the Maestro anything in which I could at least source a ping on same vlan at the site minus having to test from client laptop. Anyone have experience with this?  Thank you. 

Hi Adam Hernandez, 

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GRE tunnel with cnMaestro works as expected. I can help you with debug.


Please confirm if you are using Load balancing options in VM hosted in EXSI server. If yes, please follow steps on EXSI server to avoid bridge table corruption in cnMaestro.