cnMaestro Connectivity

APs are trying to connect to cnMaestro over Cloud-Base. but they never had been connected, even though they keep showing me (connecting or connecting in 1 0r 3 minutes) in cnMaestro Connection Status. Are there any suggestions to resolve the issue?


Hello Mohamed Farj,

May I know few more details about the issue your are experiencing.

  1. Which cnMaestro Version are you using and what is the device software version?
  2. Which method of onboarding are you trying? cambium Id based or Serial number claim?


U want it in cnMaestro or not ?

Can your ap ping the server ip? Both must be on the same management network and be pingable both directions.

We dont need to know much else since it is an snmp based system. If its pingable it will connect and show up in the onboarding screen.

That isn’t strictly true since cnMaestro is not SNMP based. The bare minimum is that the AP is able to ping the server and have outbound access on port 443.

For ePMP you can test ping under Tools > Ping to check connectivity to the cnMaestro URL or IP.

You may debug this further by checking the logs on the device. For ePMP this is under Monitor > System Logs. Be sure to enable Device Agent Logging. If you’re not getting much logged there, enabled additional logging levels under Configuration > System > System Logging (Syslog).