cnMaestro Dark Mode

I’ve had a customer ask for dark mode to be enabled in cnMaestro. They would prefer to have a light or white text on a dark background, instead of the dark letters on white background that cnMaestro is configured now.

It requires an addon, but the Dark Reader extension for Mozilla Firefox works with Maestro. Other browsers are also supported.

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The issue is that a lot of companies don’t allow extensions besides those that they approve.

My opinion on Dark Mode is that every company that offers a service should have been working on this for years. That may or may not be a popular opinion, it doesn’t really matter, but cnMaestro should offer this by default. In fact dark mode should be the default and eye melt should be the option people can opt into.

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100% agree on this. It’s strongly suggested here that we should not download extensions unless absolutely necessary. Dark mode is available on most browsers and programs (and its even an option on this forum). I would love to see this option rather than melting my eyes from my frequent usage of Maestro